😍 Storytelling's secrets (at last) revealed


🇬🇧 French version Who hasn't told a story to himself? Who has never exaggerated his or her holiday adventures during a lunch with colleagues? Who hasn't imagined another life, the life of their boss, around the coffee machine? Who has never told a story to their child before going to bed? Stories keep growing and brands are also narrated in stories! They are right, because storytelling is a communication method that you need to know to engage your audience. The successful format and script? Videos marrying emotions and humour… produced by the brands themselves. Club We Are COM has met with Elise, a psychologist expert in communications, to reveal the recipe for breathtaking storytelling: 4 ingredients and the right dosage! 4 key elements to build your story #1 The Context 💡 It is important to include universal markers that can be used for projection. “In psychology, projection refers to the…

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