The corporate podcast leads the way

570SHARES With the saturation of video content, the podcast is making a major breakthrough in the hearts of users. A statistical study conducted in 2018 by Médiamétrie already reported 4 million monthly podcasters. Imagine in 2020! A large majority of the podcasts broadcast today are mainly derived from replays of radio broadcasts. But what about businesses? Besides hyper-mobility, which is often cited as the primary reason for creating business podcasts, the issues are actually very varied. Let's get into it. A recent history that is accelerating Appearing for the first time in 2004, the word "podcast" was born from the fusion of "broadcast" ("to issue", "to broadcast" in French) and the famous revolutionary Apple player "iPod ". Two types of podcasts are to be distinguished: > Replay podcasts, mainly used by radio stations, which allow you to listen to a live program on demand > Native podcasts which are exclusively created for…

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