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That's it, it's panic ... The announcements are multiplying, the phone rings, the emails arrive in bursts. It's the red alert! The crisis is what is happening today and which we did not anticipate yesterday. And the answer is never obvious. We would like to think about it, to give ourselves time. But we must react. Etymologically, the word "crisis" (from the Greek krisis) evokes the moment of decision making. But what decisions to take? In what timing? Faced with this tsunami of information, the communicator is a long-awaited scout in the company. To help you manage the crisis and the recovery with a hint of serenity, the We Are COM team gives you its reminder for unconfined communication 🙂

1 - I disconnect my current communication

📌 Were your publications ready to be distributed? We must now review everything ... Yes, the first good reflex is to remove anything that is no longer appropriate from all of its targets. (points of sale, sites, posts scheduled on Social networks, welcome screens, SMS, newsletters, emailings automatic, advertisements, Press relations…). But be careful to identify the content provisionally obsolete for the post-crisis period. 😉

📌 The 2th stage ? Chat with em-pa-thie! This is the key word for good communication of exogenous crisis. However, we do not cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. The company must unite and must make it known. It is necessary to respond factually to questions, internal and external, with tact and prudence, but above all to be attentive to even weak signals, to raise expectations, concerns and rants. We take this opportunity to activate your watch cell now.   


2 - I inform the external, I value the internal

📌 The best communication response is certainly one that matches reality accurately and delivers information with precision, without sensationalism. To formulate it, we coordinate by internal, by multiplying meetings and calls. Intentions give way to decisions. It is time to communicate on: best practices, specific measures taken by the company, the means which allow it to ensure its business continuity plan (BCP), etc.

You will have to deploy your entire communications toolbox, from display communication campaigns to carry out prevention to Google My Business listings to modify your store hours. We then register our communication in a process of utility and reinsurance, adapting it to each stakeholder. It is even the opportunity to go further in its brand posture, by making life easier for its customers ... Certainly the best way to give concrete proof of your famous raison d'être!


📌 And the leader in all this? The objective is to develop a specific voice around the responsibility and commitment of the company by separating the internal and the external… From press releases to Tweets through the posts LinkedIn, regardless of the channel as long as the messages pass. The director in confinement can distribute his speeches, but be careful to prioritize them. When it comes to mobilizing and thanking, priority is given to employees!

📌 We continue to maintain the link with the press, to publish press releases on practical elements. All this, guided by internal and external feedback that we collect as we go.

3 - I prepare the recovery

📌 It is certainly the most complex phase. How to put ourselves in the shoes of our targets during deconfinement? How to re-mobilize your teams after the crisis COM sprint? Faced with uncertainties, taking a step back is not an option to properly prepare your communication plan (corporate communication, commercial communication, new services, new partnerships, etc.) and consider the various crisis exit scenarios. More than ever, it is necessary to maintain links internally and with its partners.

📌 Is the recovery looming? You can then reconnect your communication (hence the importance of having made an upstream inventory) and roll out your action plan with agility. Point of vigilance: putting it into words. Are yesterday's words still the right ones? Even if we have prepared the ground, adjustments are essential. The truth of one day is not necessarily that of the next day. In short, we simply continue to adapt, as we always have.

The conclusion ?

Today, all companies are impacted by this unprecedented health crisis. And your general management could be tempted to cut the Communication budget. It is up to us communicators to position communication as a spearhead for ending the crisis and to defend its added value within the company. It is a lever to catch up with the still unrecorded turnover. While waiting for the resumption, let us meditate on Jefferson's maxim ...

Whoever stops advertising to save money is like someone who stops a clock to save time .  

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