Tutorial for never confined communication ✌️

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That's it, it's panic… The announcements multiply, the phone rings, the emails come in bursts. It's red alert! The crisis is what is happening today and which we did not anticipate yesterday. And the answer is never obvious. We would like to think about it, to give ourselves time. But we have to react. Etymologically, the word “crisis” (from the Greek krisis) evokes the moment of decision-making. But what decisions to make? In what timing? Faced with this tsunami of information, the communicator is a much-awaited scout in the company. To help you manage the crisis and the recovery with a hint of serenity, the We Are COM team gives you its reminder for unconfined communication 🙂 ✅ 1-I'm unplugging my current communication 📌 Were your posts ready to be broadcast? We now have to review everything… Yes, the first good reflex is to remove…

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