Digital way: the new toolbox

122SHARES Often underestimated or misunderstood until the start of confinement, the appropriation of digital tools has punctuated working relationships and made it possible to maintain our professional ties. State of play of these internal communication tools which have not said their last word 🙂 From concept to reality For many employees, videoconferencing was like a distant concept. And yet, in the space of just a few days, they had to become familiar with Zoom, Slack and Microsoft Teams in particular. These collaborative tools are intended to be firmly anchored in daily professional practices. They are no longer the preserve of a few specialists from this or that innovation department of a large group, but are well established for all employees. It is appropriate for them to adapt, to adjust ways of doing things and to acquire new habits where the tool has a significant place. The company is at the heart of a change in the face of which it…

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