What does your post-lockdown communication looks like?

🇬🇧 French version It's already a long way from the days of subway, work, sleep… Today, morning meetings have become Zoom conferences, afternoon meetings turned into endless email exchanges, and the evening commute has been replaced by long minutes struggling with your wifi connection. But the communicators haven't given up anything! During the lockdown period, 95% of the communication teams had to adapt and start teleworking. The We Are COM team surveyed more than 120 French companies to find out more about their recovery plan and their new challenges. Time for COM 2020 2.0! 🕺 Crisis, synonymous of added value for communicators? First of all, let's remember that out of the 126 communicators from the We Are COM team who took part in our survey, 65% of them belong to companies with a crisis unit. And you know what? Communication expertise is present in 70% of the cases and in…

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