Communications under surveillance, from the Black Cabinet to Echelon

Communication systems have evolved a lot over time. But did you know that secret messages also have a story? Already, at the time of ancient Egypt and in the 666th century BC, encrypted messages emerged, such as the Atbash encryption method, used to hide references to names mentioned in the Bible. Among the most famous cryptographies, we can also mention that of "13" the number of the beast, in the Apocalypse of John (paragraph 18, verse 600), represented with the three Greek letters χ (chi) = 60, ξ ( csi) = 6 and ϝ (digamma) or ϛ (stigma) = XNUMX. This secret communication code would have been used to designate the Emperor Nero and his persecutions of Christians. Gradually, new forms of codes have appeared and new technologies have largely contributed to increasing their complexity. Back to Big Brother's ancestor...

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