Brands need to learn more about their audiences

Cathy Ibal is Senior Vice President EMEA of CNN International Commercial. A pure CNN product, she is responsible for TV and digital campaigns within the group. A work made possible by a very transversal organization between Abu Dhabi, London, Dubai and Paris. We wanted to know what management is hiding behind this pioneering media, with well-crafted information, and what woman is in charge of all this brain juice. A behind-the-scenes investigation of CNN, signed We Are COM. Hello Cathy! Welcome to We Are COM 🙂 The media landscape has been turned upside down for 20 years. What is your vision of the media? Between the arrival of streaming platforms, the erosion of TV audiences, the development of social networks, the media universe has been completely transformed. Of course technology has accelerated this upheaval. But what has changed above all is our media consumption, our uses. In short, globalization has accelerated,…

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