5 fundamentals for powerful, differentiating and unifying communication

At a time when a large majority of advertisers, in full doubt, are reviewing their lines of communication, many organizations are being cautious in terms of investment. Should we recalibrate or even reduce our initiatives? How to prioritize priority projects, while ensuring the promotion of strategic offers? If some are cautious, irreducible advertisers decide to do well by reaffirming their positioning and their added value, beyond purely commercial inclinations. What if they were right? Maïmouna Diop offers you a 5-point program for a back to school at the top of the top! Communication, this spearhead Often wrongly considered as a cross-functional function, communication is not a simple adjustment variable. Communication actions deserve to be fully thought out and valued: they have a special role to play, especially in times of crisis! Better still, communication is THE only function that can truly create a link, reassure...

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