Volvo: relational communication is having a real conversation

Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn: 4 social networks for a presence of choice! If Volvo Car France multiplies the editorial lines according to the channels with a very specific tone, the brand seeks above all to meet and retain its different communities. Talking about safety, without causing anxiety, while remaining a desirable brand, is a real daily challenge. Julie Palaysi, Social Media & Influence / Lifestyle Public Relations Manager at Volvo Car France has agreed to reveal the secrets of this strategy which combines lifestyle content, influencers, Swedish values ​​and new technologies, for communication at the service of dialogue. We Are COM takes control and shares its #VolvoMoment with Julie. So, drive Simone! 🚘 🤷 ♀️ In your opinion, what is the difference between customer communication and relational communication? I rather see a difference between relational and transactional communication. For me, relational communication is linked to the client, in the sense that…

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