Innovating in times of crisis: on course or not on course?

History is marked by constant reinvention. Each era, from the most prosperous to the bloodiest, sees the birth of its own innovations. The necessities relating to each crisis context lead to a resurgence of industrial ingenuity, allowing social and corporate development. But then… do wars stimulate creativity? Well yes ! Obviously, the innovations affect the arms industry and medicine. But a military crisis can also be beneficial to art or culture. The fall of Constantinople made us discover many ancient texts. The Italian wars gave us the Renaissance… Team We Are COM offers you its epic of small great inventions. 👊 📞 In times of crisis, communication is essential! The recent confinement is a good example. It should have had the consequence of keeping people away… As a result, we have never talked so much. This need to communicate during times of trouble does not date…

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