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🎙🎙 The podcast, which (us) comes from a hazardous contraction between "ipod" and "broadcast", is essential today! These small digital audio contents to be downloaded, generally free, cover everything and can be listened to anywhere. The advantage of the podcast compared to the radio? An intimate format makes us loyal, of course! Created in 2004, the podcast has seen its production explode in recent years. A figure to sum up this new media consumption: France has more than 5,8 million regular listeners. And the public is more and more demanding. The annual increase in new listeners is estimated at 52%. Thus, each month, more than 85 podcasts are listened to by the French. 📈 What is the miracle recipe for the successful podcast? The quality of the content and the production, because you don't come back to the intimate ear of a listener by chance. If the content is exciting...

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