TikTok: what are we waiting for?

🚀 🚀 A new teenage trend, a application superfluous in addition, a sudden buzz without a future, or a is the international treasure for " teens play-back fan "(Editor's note: extract from the newspaper Le Monde)? Well no ! The team We Are COM deciphers this new "phenomenon" for you. An appropriate term, since the number of downloads of TikTok has now surpassed that of Facebook et Instagram, which we thought to be unbeatable. The unique and fun formats offered by the platform attract more than 100 million monthly users in Europe. A revolution in the advertising world, which many companies have already understood. OK boomers: we explain! ????

TikTok, an original principle

« Our mission is to inspire creativity and bring joy Is the slogan of TikTok. Yes, the whole operation and success of this application is based on… creativity 🎨! Far from the narcissistic concept that unfortunately affects so many social networks, cutting us off from all reality, TikTok offers us to be ourselves, authentic and original. And it's nice! We stand out through a short video format (15 to 60 seconds). Everyone can talk about their daily life as they wish. Fun and positive, content are then sent to personalized feeds. 

🎬 Note that the creation of a video is instinctive: everything happens on the application. The edits are easy to do and generate spontaneous sharing, sometimes even making certain content funny. 

In other words, TikTok has been able to reinvent the codes of Social networks. It is now the originality of the publication that prevails over the click. Putting everyone's specificity back at the center of priorities, TikTok stands out more than ever!

TikTok, a colossal audience 

But who is the community by TikTok? In reality, it would be more judicious to speak of “communities”, in the plural. Indeed, the unique characteristic common to all TikTokers is their taste for original creation. 

First of all, far from our prejudices, it should be noted that the application affects users of all generations:

  • 32% of them belong to the 25-34 age group.
  • 35% of them belong to the age group 35 and over. 

The content is also regularly shared with the family. 

This new practice digital also extends to people of common knowledge. Besides the various celebrities or web influencers, we find authority figures. 🇫🇷 Emmanuel Macron He also took the plunge, opening an account in July 2020. He notably congratulated the recent graduates, by embracing the codes of the platform and his message did not generate less than 10 million views!

TikTok, a network for brands? 

The trends that emerge on TikTok often exceed the limits of the app. Some content becomes real viral phenomena. 

A recent example: on September 25, 2020 an American made a video featuring himself on his skateboard, while drinking his fruit juice and singing (in playback) a music of the group Fleetwood Mac. On October 9, his message crossed 45 million views! The man behind the post was offered $ 10 by fans, and Fleetwood Mac could see a resurgence in popularity. 

So for brands, what is the result?

TikTok offers businesses the opportunity to reach a very broad public via, and beyond platform. The brand can thus enrich its image, attract a new audience and boost its sales, by generating buzz. Communicate through a support audio-visual it's pretty traditional. So what is the most? Well it's to target this COM strategy. Pop culture is born on TikTok. So, it is up to companies to establish themselves with these new players thanks to this new niche. 

The formats formats offered are not intrusive, they know how to reach their targets in a fun way. In other words, the brand has the opportunity to integrate the TikTok ecosystem, also bringing it original and interactive experiences, intrinsically mingling with its customers and prospects. « Don't make ads, make TikTok », Is the motto of the social network, as far as companies are concerned. Indeed, if you get started, you will see that the application can replace a advertising campaign traditional generating just as many or even more spectators, all at a lower cost. 👌

???? What are TikTok formats for brands? 

In feed : this is the format of the users. This is the usual audiovisual medium, which fits into well-targeted recommendation flows. This advertising channel is performing well.

TopView : this video of even shorter format (3 to 5 seconds), is launched when the TikTokeur opens its application. The content, adjusted " just for you »Allows a target's attention to be drawn to a subject that concerns them. A good way to prospect!

TopViewLite : still a unique format, where the video (5 to 60 seconds) is exclusive for 24 hours. Only one TopViewLite is broadcast per day in France. This type of ad guarantees millions of views in a very short time. It is generally the communication tool of choice for partner brands. 

Branded Hashtag Challenge : What is more commonly called the #challenge, is a particular audiovisual channel where all the users' creative potential is expressed. It's ideal when it comes to interaction. The TikTokeur takes up a video challenge, launched by a brand. It is a “real life” campaign, mixing sincerity and authenticity. The original creations are shared and the #challenges become, most often (and very quickly) viral.

Branded Effects : a brand has the possibility of offering users filters or special editing effects. This generates high visibility when sharing content. New augmented reality technologies make it possible to develop an attractive technique, which will be relayed by influencers, then used massively by TikTokers. 

The key point for brands lies in targeting areas of interest as well as in understanding the practices of the TikTokers, which they wish to target. They must be original and stand out, whatever the format. Arouseinteractionis to generate engagement! Recently, the social network has implemented software aimed at optimizing communication campaigns. " Creator marketplace », Is a meeting interface between a brand, a creator and a influencer. This allows us to better understand the issues and strategic challenges, but also to certify the content.

But is TikTok a secure platform? 

TikTok has decided to put in place many community rules. Users are thus the subject of prevention campaigns on the risks of digital transformation. As technology is constantly evolving, and very quickly, TikTok also guarantees some data protection to its members. The data center located in Dublin will be operational by 2022, according to the platform. A way to strengthen the cyber security. Note that their data previously stored in Beijing has given rise to a number of fears and criticisms. 

TikTok, a good plan for everyone?

Not really, the communities present on the platform are very unique. Particularly interested in fashion 👗, beauty 💄 and food 🍗 she will not necessarily be receptive to content that goes beyond these sectors. 

In addition, the new influencers of TikTok, generally quite concerned about their e-reputation, can sometimes be quite reluctant to integrate advertising content into their posts. 

Examples of successful collaborations on TikTok 

Balenciaga and TopView

The famous luxury house quickly understood that TikTok is an unparalleled communication channel. As well enjoy. In order to strengthen its image, but above all to attract a new audience, the fashion house produced a TopView format in June 2020. The result is clear: more than 25 million views and 4 million clicks!

Danette and his #Challenge 

We all remember the “we all rise for Danette!” Advertising campaign. Recently, the brand decided to play on this old slogan to launch a #ToujoursDeboutChallenge. She has armed herself with seven TikTok creators, in order to generate more fun! A COM action that generated more than 17 unique participations, more than 000 million views and more than 40 million interactions.

La Redoute touch all 

Finally, La Redoute, which wanted to rejuvenate its image, also surfed the TikTok wave. The brand's publications, through various formats, have enabled it to reach 225 million views. As for its #laredoutechallenge, launched in August 2020, it gathered more than 112 participations. His promotion only lasted six days, yet this #challenge is still relevant today. 

What to remember from TikTok?

You understand, TikTok reinvents communication campaigns. We forget everything and rethink our strategy! This new advertising channel combines creativity and interactivity with playful, fun and positive content. A way to interest its target differently and renew the customer relationship. 🤓 TikTok continues to grow and may still surprise us in the coming years. So, are you embarking on the adventure? 🙌

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