TOP 10 goodies


We take everywhere this famous pen on which appears a logo given after visiting a trade show, this ultra-light battery in the colors of your bank… Not to mention the tote bag offered by a real estate agent, which has become a real must have for doing your shopping. . 🤓 Yes, goodies and other advertising items remain timeless essentials. They constitute a marketing solution that is always original and appreciated by all audiences (internal and external). The advantage of this investment is that it lasts over time. Sometimes skilfully replacing long speeches, goodies optimize the notoriety of a company in the daily life of its targets. As the great communication theorist Marshall McLuhan said, “the medium is the message”. 🙌 And more than ever, this message is not to be neglected and can allow you to strongly stand out! The new trends in high-tech, ecological, practical and well…

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