TOP 10 post-baccalaureate training in communication

Are you curious and creative, do you have a certain interpersonal skills? The COM may be right for you. 🤓 At theadvertiser or communication agency, there are all kinds of professions. The sector is vast: public relations, in digital, artistic creation, writing, events ... And the job descriptions are often welcome when it comes to choosing!

Some figures about the job market all the same! In Paris, the average remuneration for all COM jobs combined amounts to 50 euros per year. And with regard to contracts, 000% are CDI and 37% CDD. It's up to you to get started. 👍 

🎓 Are you wondering about your post-baccalaureate orientation? Not easy to get started on APB... So the team We Are COM, a team of passionate communicators, provides you with its TOP for initial communication training! We hope to enlighten you for your future wishes on parcoursup

Information and Communication License - CELSA Paris-Sorbonne

Whether you choose the "companies and institutions" course or the " average », This training is simply top! 💥 Enjoying a great reputation with a real network of alumni, it often obtains the preference of recruiters. The prestigious school has the advantage of being free * because it is university, however beware of the very selective admission conditions! 

The average salary at the end of the course is 34K.

Grande Ecole de Communication program - EFAP

Here again, a great school recognized in the communication sector. The course offers serious qualifications as well as a vast network. The unique training offers 23 certified specializations, you will be spoiled for choice. The super plus? There are now 10 campuses, including one in New York and one in Shanghai! Doesn't it make you dream?

The school benefits from renowned godmothers and sponsors every year. Let us quote in particular Simone Veil (class of 1999) or Emmanuel Macron (class of 2016)! 🇫🇷

Bachelor in Economics Management expertise Communication - ISTC

This training depends on the Catholic University of Lille. Yes, it is located in Lille, a plus for the student life that you can lead there! Note that 90% of graduates found a job during the first five months after their post-baccalaureate training. 💻 Very focused on new technologies, research and innovation, the ISTC provides its students with a " digital lab », Dedicated to pedagogy and creativity.

Grande Ecole de Communication program - ISCOM

Renowned training and great speakers (yes, the We Are COM team is one of them!) 🚀🚀 8 campuses in France and the possibility of going abroad. For more than 30 years, the school has offered quality communication training. One of its strengths lies in its community of “alumni” graduates, very close-knit and very supportive: ISCOM Alumni.

Bachelor in Communication and Media - Audencia - SciencesCom

How about moving to their Nantes campus? With partner universities in 19 countries, you will also have the chance to travel. 🌎This training has a large network of former students, who support you. The originality of this course? Micro-agencies, working groups on behalf of real companies, under the supervision of professionals.

Bachelor in Communication and Marketing Strategy - ESP

The oldest school of communication, which will soon be celebrating its centenary, offers a quality course with international mobility. The ESP offers what it calls “competitions”, a new form of learning, which takes place through the conduct of real projects. His little extra? Individual support in the search for your first job. 🙏

Bachelor Communication - Communication project manager - ISCPA 

Three campuses, hundreds of internship offers per year, a vast network of alumni. Numbers ? 98% of the teaching staff are communication professionals. And 91% of graduates are currently working. 💪

Bachelor of Human and Social Sciences: information and communication - IFP

IFP depends on the Panthéon-Assas University, an institution dating from the 200th century and providing students with a library of over 000 volumes. 📚 The globally recognized course, in double course with the Sorbonne, offers no less than 10 specializations. 

Professional License Multi Media Communication - IAE Lyon

“The capital of the Gauls” tempts you? 🍗 This training has the particularity of considering all the media that companies have to handle, both on-line and off-line. By integrating the IAE, you will benefit from a strong international mobility, and a network of more than 2000 socio-economic partners. 

Bachelor SP3 Global Communication - Pub Sup

Sup de Pub is a communication school with 6 campuses in France and around the world. With regard to the Bachelor's Degree in Global Communication, 93% of graduates are employed at the end of their course. The “+”? The training offers an "immersive pedagogy", projects in real conditions in their many partner companies. ✌️

Haven't made your choice yet?

Other universities and communication schools offer quality learning, the key is to define your project and always stay motivated! Do not hesitate to participate in open days (even in digital version) in order to find THE initial training course that suits you best.

???? The team We Are COM wish you good luck in your post-baccalaureate registrations and admissions and hope to find you soon in the community of communicators 🚀

* Free: in public establishments, the student only pays university fees. 

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