Welcome to "post-modernity" with Michel Maffesoli

💡 Technological transformation, multiplication of communities, renewal of values... Our era is indeed changing! How do you address your different audiences? What is the state of mind of our targets? Questions that torment all communicators. The We Are COM Club had the honor and the pleasure of welcoming Michel Maffesoli for a masterclass at ISCOM. Emeritus professor at the Sorbonne, he is the author of numerous books including Le temps des tribus, Le réenchantement du monde and La nostalgie du sacre. He is also co-founder of the Center for Studies on the Current and the Daily, which deepens the field of research on new forms of sociality and the imaginary. A fine observer of our society, Michel Maffesoli explains to us the foundations of “post-modernity” and the paradigm shift that is currently taking place. To your pens! 📝 masterclass slides Hello Michel, thank you for accepting our invitation 🙏 What vision do you have on communication? We…

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