Christmas: the best commercials of 2020

🎄 🎄 Think it's hard to summon Christmas magic?? Well you are wrong because a few brands are taking up the challenge. In the lead are the Anglo-Saxon brands for which this meeting with the general public in all emotion is a must, especially when it comes to intergenerational speaking. It must be said that Santa Claus will celebrate in 2021… his 100th birthday in Coca-Cola advertisements; who, as a reminder, neither invented it nor attributed its red color. It was, initially, only a simple operation of notoriety to better sell this dehydrating drink in winter, whereas its consumption was especially summer. ❄️ ❄️ Ah, the We Are COM team is in such a hurry to leave 2021 that it would almost forget to present the 2020 spots to you. Here they are… 1 – John Lewis offers us hearts 😘 The major distributor John Lewis confided this year its advertising of…

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