Christmas: the best commercials of 2020

🎄 🎄 Do you think it's hard to summon the magic of Christmas ?? Well you are wrong because a few brands are taking up the challenge. At the head of the Anglo-Saxon brands for which this meeting with the public in all emotion is a must, especially when it comes to intergenerational speaking. It must be said that Santa Claus will be celebrating in 2021 ... his 100 years in Coca-Cola advertising ; who as a reminder neither invented it nor attributed its red color. It was, initially, a simple operation of notoriety to better sell this dehydrating drink in winter, when its consumption was mainly summer. ❄️ ❄️ Ah, the team We Are COM is in such a hurry to leave 2021 that she would almost forget to show you the spots of 2020. Here they are ...

1 - J gives us hearts

😘 The big distributor John Lewis has entrusted his Christmas commercial this year not to one director, but to eight! These artists worked on the theme of Covid-19 (loneliness, confinement, product delivery, etc.). Combining video, claymation (plasticine animation, let's see!) And 3D cartoon; humans, snowmen and animals follow one another. The spot has as a common thread a sweet melodic song, and especially of the heart. It's an anthology of benevolent actions. Simply touching.

2 - Orange puts glitter in our lives

« What if we made memories together with Orange gifts? " Why not ! Both quirky and cute this advertising campaign Has his place in this top with this grandfather ready to do anything to pretend mastery of new technologies, or just a crazy grandpa? All we know is that he wants to share with his granddaughters even from a distance. A nice product placement in context: we like sharing such a moment of life between generations. 🦄

3 - McDonald's UK softens us 

As in 2019, McDonald's UK returns with an animated film: if the graphic paw changes, the spring remains the same. How to please your teenager during this period? Walk to the Christmas market, reindeer headband, snowball fight…? ☃️ Nothing helps! The teenager is insensitive to the Christmas spirit (or does he suppress his emotions?) Much to his mother's despair! The solution is all found: a drive to the famous fast food restaurant to bring together the generations, all against the background of " Forever Young. »🙏 Good Christmas dinner (or not). 

4 - Coca-Cola makes us travel

The sea, the fire, the jungle, the ice, the storm… A father braves all the elements to accomplish his mission: to reach Santa's house to drop off his daughter's letter. 🎅 The images are magnificent, downright Hollywood. As always Coca-Cola is strong (too strong?), and that's their hallmark. We let you meditate on this advice: " For Christmas, give something only you can give. "#DIY

5 - Intermarché say thank you

« Christmas is the best time to say thank you! ». So Intermarché offers us a real ode to the commitment of caregivers, that accompanies the song “Until my last breath”From the Terrenoire duo. This film, frankly far from being recreational, is a greeting to this exceptional year made of admiration for health professionals and anguish in the face of illness or the estrangement of our loved ones. 😷 In short, a brand that stands out by stepping back for a short and sincere message: “thank you. " 

6 - Carrefour shares a letter to Santa Claus

📜 🎅 A touching campaign which features a little girl reading her letter to Santa Claus. Carrefour wants to make his wishes come true. Cashiers, maintenance team, cooks, drive staff, delivery people ... all the staff of the sign is mobilized so that our end-of-year celebrations are successful. The mark concluded by: "Oh no, we are not Santa Claus, but this year in particular we will do everything to make your holidays a success"Bravo for this humble campaign in the right tone, in empathy with the target while promoting theinternal.

7 - Bouygues Telecom and their blunder(s) 🐚

A sister-in-law who never agrees with her husband, a big eater whom we prefer to see in photos than at the table, a frankly geeky little cousin and a grandfather who will never change? Bouygues Télécom is a bit like everyone's family here, through a phone blunder. Too bad, we had to hang up before everyone dressed for the winter. There is even this uncle who forgets the oysters for 3 hours on the radiator before bringing them to the dinner table… 🙄 Oops, this character is no longer in V2 of the film. Why ? This had indeed revolted the oyster farmers, accusing the telephone operator of lowering the quality of French oysters. One could believe in an organized blunder ...

Bonus: Burger King Delivery, completely shifted

☀️ As always, Burger King surprises us and uses counter-programming! Tired of 2020? They too and already for a few months ... in July, the burger challenger launched its Christmas campaign to end this disastrous year as quickly as possible. How far have they gone? They decorated their stores in the UK with sparkling garlands, firs and fake snow in midsummer. 🎄 Nothing stops them for our greatest pleasure!

🎁 🎁 Did this selection of Christmas 2020 advertising spots inspire you? We hope so and above all ... the entire We Are COM team wishes you all happy holidays! 🎉

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