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Sign and image are the two main channels of communication between humans through space and time..

Michel Tournier, writer

The visual represents a major asset in our communication strategies. However, it is not always easy to get great pictures cheaply. You no longer want to pay thousands of euros for a license to Reuters and others? Royalty-free online image banks are on the rise. So how do you navigate it? Should we trust these sites or go for paid but attractive offers? Before taking out the business card 💳, the We Are COM team offers you an overview of free images just a click away, especially in corporate and non-commercial communication. Let's go for the TOP of free AND qualitative image banks! 🚀


Unsplash brings together all the qualities of a great image bank. The collections are numerous and varied, the photos are copyright free, and you don't even have to register to enjoy them. If you discover your talent as a photographer, you can also post your photos there, thus joining a community more than 125 contributors. 📸 The use for commercial purposes is authorized, but the regulations oblige to inform well the photo credit.  


Pexels offers thousands of royalty-free photos AND videos. Its great advantage? The search can be configured in French. We can imagine that you are all bilingual, but all the same it can save you time! 😉 Good to know: if you can edit Pexels photos and videos, you will not be able to put your logo


1,9 million free images, just that! Pixabay is today an essential supplier of visual content: photos, illustrations, videos for print and digital. Again, your search can be done in French. 🇫🇷 However, on this site, you may come across some sponsored images… by paid image banks. Watch out for frustration! 


🎨 This image bank is by far the most creative. This is our favorite! It offers all kinds of offbeat visuals: drawings, animation, humor ... The resources can be used for commercial purposes, with the addition of a logo or text, on many media: sites, books, magazines, posters… The site, very minimalist, is easy to use: everything happens on the home page. Judge by yourself ! 


Because at We Are COM we are greedy, we recommend this image bank specializing in food. Simple and qualitative, this site provides Internet users with more than 1600 photos. The categories are well "fed". In terms of use? Photos are licensed Creative Commons Zero (CCO), so you can copy, modify, distribute and use these photos free of charge, including for commercial purposes.


Thousands of high resolution images, hundreds of contributors feeding the base. And an almost endless use of visuals: you can even print the photo on a T-shirt. 👕 Just that! So, it did not take more to attract nearly 180.000 users. Will you be next?


Stockvault provides you with more than 80 royalty-free images. But the great plus of this bank is that it gives us information on the number of views and downloads of its photos. So, easier to make your choice: will you choose originality or a sure value that can be used by a possible competitor? 🤓 License side, nothing abnormal to report!


Very special, this image bank is the great specialist in visuals corporate. You will find all kinds of photos on the themes of work, collaboration and team building. Great for our campaigns internal communication ! 🙌


Very high quality images and videos, many categories and a super intuitive site: we could only recommend this solution. What is top? ✅ Their blog provides tips and tutorials. Use is under CCO license.


Also not very restrictive at the level of use, Negativespace is like its competitors a stock of images supplied, of quality and free of rights. Its particularity lies in its collection of very dense abstract visuals. 🔮

Want even more? Let us quote in conclusion Picography et Stocksnap, two solutions meeting all the criteria for quality image banks. The We Are COM team hope to have enlightened you! So, be creative and differentiate, with all these visual assets. 💡

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