Crisis communication: from bad buzz to good buzz 👊

Bad buzz is THE terror of brands! 😱 How, as communicators, can we best protect the notoriety of our companies? The web has been transformed, in recent years with social networks, into a veritable court. Consumers, opinion and influence groups, or even former employees are the uncompromising judges. And unfortunately, a brand can quickly find itself in the dock. However, let's not panic! A bad buzz can be a good lesson in communication, and why not lead to a good buzz… Everything lies in the reaction capacity of the Communication team, which must be immediate and targeted. 🎯 The We Are COM team deciphers here the worst bad buzz and the best good buzz of recent years. We also provide you with good practices and tips to avoid, or if necessary counter, any public lynching. 👎 TOP 5 BAD…

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