Team portraits

What are the member teams of the We Are COM Club? Who are the talented communicators who make them up? What are their daily and future challenges? The We Are COM team directs its spotlights on these dream teams 😍 SNCF Pôle emploi Your SNCF team 👉 The team of the University of Communication of the SNCF group How is your team organized? 🤓 Alexia Heck, SNCF group training and communication assistant: Before answering your question, let's set the scene: the SNCF group's communication university is an internal school dedicated to the communication sector on the specific COM skills linked to our various trades. Cécile Tellier, head of the SNCF group's Communication University: To come back to the original question: the SNCF group's Communication business line is divided into central departments, activities, territories and operational entities. If we talk about the…

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