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Which teams are members of the We Are COM Club? Who are the talented communicators who make them up? What are their daily and tomorrow's challenges? The We Are COM team directs its spotlights on these dream team 😍

SNCF 👉 The team of the University of Communication of the SNCF group

How is your team organized? 🤓

Alexia Heck, SNCF group training and communication assistant: Before answering your question, let's set the scene: the SNCF group's communication university is a internal school dedicated to the communication channel on specific COM skills related to our different professions.  

Cecile Tellier, head of the SNCF group's Communication University: To come back to the original question: the SNCF group's Communication business line is divided into central departments, activities, territories and operational entities. If we are talking about the communication department and the brand of SNCF SA, it is managed by Stephanie Rismont and is organized around the directorates: directorate of content and internal engagement, brand management of advertising and partnerships, management of average and influence as well as a general secretary (HR Finance business line on which we depend). 

Does your duo have their ritual? 

AH: Our ritual? It is good humor, complicity, rigor, the desire to achieve personalized quality so that everyone gains in performance and employability within the Group.  

CT  : It is also on a daily basis to ensure that Communication professionals feel supported by a committed communication and brand department that knows them, supports them and values ​​the COM function in the company.  

What are your greatest pride? 💪

AH : We have great discussions with the network. We feel useful, we often receive little words of thanks.

CT  : And the relationship with our trainers is very enriching because they are fascinating experts. As an extension, we are very proud of our regular relations with our Decathlon counterparts (including oneearning expedition) and EDF with the organization of joint training on influence.

What are your sources of inspiration and your major challenges? 

CT et AH in heart with a big smile : Humanity, the pleasure of helping people progress. We listen to the network of communicators a lot, we do a lot of monitoring on trends and skills. We challenge ourselves, we have open managers, we can innovate. And all this inspires us to succeed in our new challenge: to successfully launch the new training offer of the University of Communication, completely renewed from 2021.

📸 Marmoset 📸

Cecile Tellier

Head of the SNCF Group Communication University

Alexia heck

SNCF group training and communication assistant

Employment center 👉 The Creative Factory team of the Communication department

So what are the expertise of the Creative Factory? 

We are a team of 18 communicators, experts in activities website Social, social media, marketing, events and production Audio / Video and brand management.

What makes your team the salt?

We celebrate our successes whenever we can. We also create friendly events to promote team cohesion and a sense of belonging.

What is your greatest collective pride?

Whatever happens, we know how to count on our team which is united and mobilizes itself as soon as we encounter challenges. We have particularly measured it with the health crisis.

We have profiles that come from communications or the network of Pôle Emploi agencies; with different levels of communication and who manage to function. We learn a lot among colleagues!

What are your inspiration and your common goal?  💡

Our main source of inspiration is curiosity about what surrounds us. Whether inside our establishment or outside, we like to open up to new collaborations that allow us to progress. Our main objective: to continue improving the image of Pôle emploi. 

see you soon 🤓 A new team member of the Club We Are COM will share his daily life with you here!

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Le Club We Are COM allows communication professionals to progress together during moments of sharing best practices only between peers, all sectors combined. Objective: an increase in collective skills in particular thanks to a workshop each month on concrete cases, responses to the major challenges of the COM, meetings with renowned experts, etc. Always exchanges in complete transparency and independence based on feedback: 0% self-promotion, 100% conviction.

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