The TOP of COM flops 👎

AIE Aie Aie ! It's not for nothing that the We Are COM team always reminds us that communication is one of the most demanding professions… Since we like to learn from others, we also dare to learn from their failures. They are much richer in lessons than their successes! 🤓 Are you ready for a world tour of the best flops? #1 😰 The JC Penney teapot, an inconvenient resemblance In 2017, the American department store chain launched a teapot that quickly caused controversy. ☕️ Indeed, she looks a little too much like Adolf Hitler, had to do it! The spout recalls the Nazi salute, the lid the dictator's mustache, and finally the handle his hairstyle. The advertising campaign is immediately interrupted. Embarrassing, very embarrassing. #2 🤔 Samsung… uh Apple, oh no Samsung The idea was good though. In 2012, the telephony giant asked David Ferrer to make a…

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