The TOP of COM flops 👎

AIE Aie Aie ! It is not for nothing that the We Are COM team always reminds us that the communication is one of the most demanding jobs… Since we like to learn from others, we also dare to learn from their failures. They are much richer in lessons than their successes! 🤓 Are you ready for a world tour of the best flops?

#1 ???? The teapot JC Penney, a resemblance that disturbs 

In 2017, the American department store chain launched a teapot that quickly caused controversy. ☕️ Indeed, she looks a bit too much like Adolf Hitler, had to do it! The beak recalls the Nazi salute, the cover the dictator's mustache, and finally the handle his hairstyle. The advertising campaign is immediately halted. Embarrassing, very embarrassing.

# 2 🤔 Samsung… uh Apple, oh no Samsung

The idea was, however, a good one. In 2012, the telephony giant asked David Ferrer to make a product placement for the brand new Galaxy S4. The Spanish tennis player tweets so : " I am very happy with my new # GalaxyS4, I have configured the S Health of my new # GalaxyS4 to help me in training. The problem? The post is followed by the automatic annotation "Via Twitter for iPhone"! 👏

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# 3 🐿 The Caisse d'Epargne has the balls

Didy squirrel is the mascot of the Caisse d'Epargne. In 2013, the community manager of the Caisse d'Epargne Auvergne-Limousin wanted to promote the insurance policies of his establishment on the brand's Facebook page. The idea? Use the photo of a squirrel - a congener of Didy - accidentally hanged by the testicles. 🤕 The clumsy illustration was accompanied by this wording: “ Because accidents do not only happen to others, the GAV (Life Accident Guarantee) of the Savings Bank also takes care of temporary consequences. ". The protests force the message to be deleted. Who would harm their mascot?

# 4 🖍 Stabilo boss for whom?

« It sports a slender and fluid silhouette, soft curves and a velvet touch. », Here is the description of the highlighter reserved for girls: Neon. The brand even adds: " Finally a boss for us women ". Are we going deeper? They sell this new stabilo (2014) in fishnet stockings, to give a more girly side… 💅 The Social networks ignite, the COM campaign is a scathing failure. The brand will be forced to apologize publicly and remove the product from its catalog. 

# 5 📸 Nokia connecting mirror

This other famous telephone company does not do any better… In 2012, it launched the new Lumia920, which - if we are to believe the brand - constitutes a technological revolution with the PureView : a photo and video sensor guaranteeing exceptional quality. However, in the advertisement, which suggests that it is filmed by said phone, we see a reflection: that of a professional camera. Pity ! 🙄

# 6 🤒 Frito-Lays does not cook 

Eating crisps without gaining weight, here is a (false) good idea! In 1998, the snacking giant Lays launched a whole range of fat-free crisps. Obviously this is a huge success: sales reach $ 400 million in less than a year. 📈 But, yes there is a “but”, the fat substitute had the side effects of causing stomach cramps and severe diarrhea… The recipe for a flop!

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# 7 💦 Harvey Nichols take the water 

The English chain of stores has for slogan " Try to contain your excitement », Translate« Try to contain your emotion ". So far so good ! It was in 2013 that the brand went too far… with its advertising campaign featuring a model, who literally failed to hold back. Thank you for this wonderful lesson in communication: let us always be the guardians of dignity. 🙏

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# 8 🍔 McDonald's and its adult-only burger 

A strange promise: that of a burger “with an adult taste”. The idea of ​​McDonald's restaurants in the USA in 1996 was to offer a burger that was not associated with children. The advertising campaign, estimated at US $ 100 million, 💰 moreover clearly depicted children who disdained tasting “Arch Deluxe”; this product far too sophisticated for them.

The failure was total. Consumers came to McDonald's for its convenience and to share a moment with their children; no to enjoy a burger recommended by the Michelin guide. This client experience would she have changed?

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# 9 🙄 Bad player Dr Pepper

In 2008, the company specializing in soda embarked on a risky bet. She promised ALL Americans a can, if a new album from the Guns N 'Roses appeared before the end of the year. Dr Pepper, certain of the genius of his idea, is not suspicious, since in fact the group had not released any new song for more than 14 years. Can you guess the rest? The hard-rocker group released their new album in October 2008. Obviously, Dr Pepper could not meet the colossal demand 💥: the brand apologized.

# 10 😬 Yellow smile with Colgate 

In 1982, the famous toothpaste brand launched into frozen food… ❄️ So we brush our teeth with Colgate, but we're not really ready to eat Colgate lasagna. Should we really develop the reasons for this flop? It should be noted that not all brands lend themselves to diversification.

No more catastrophic anecdotes?

(I.e. Heinz shows us all the colors 

Year 2000, new millennium ... Did Heinz confuse XXIrdcentury and science fiction? We weren't ready to season our dishes with green, purple, blue and even multicolored ketchup. The brand withdraws its colorful products from sale in 2006. For consumers, the mythical ketchup is red; and that's all ! ❌

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🍐 Renault takes us for pears?

A failure that remains engraved in the historical archives of the French car manufacturer. 🚕 Do you remember the Renault R14, in other words the pear? This model launched in 1976 looks relatively like the fruit. The Publicis agency, in charge of communication strategy, decided to engage on this ground ... But it was to omit the consequences of the symbolism. " The Renault 14 is like a pear. In front of a minimum of room for the transverse motor, behind a maximum of room for comfort. Taste it! » 

🍕 At Dominos Pizza, it's a tatoo party 

Want 100 free pizzas a year for 100 years? All you need to do is get a Domino's logo tattoo. This is indeed the offer offered by the brand in Russia. Once again, can you feel the disaster coming? The betting conditions had to be changed after just a few days. Not chic for tattooed people who relied on their pizzas. 😡 We didn't know the Russians were so greedy! 

The We Are COM team hope I succeeded in warning and entertaining you. Take note if you want to avoid finding yourself in our next TOP marketing and communication flops! 😉

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