Kaizen Communication: Quésaco?

What if, rather than trying to make buzz at all costs, 💥 we rely on soft and progressive communication? 🙏 We give you our Kaizen-style communication proposal, from strategy to your content. With some key recipes! Inhale, exhale and let yourself be guided. 🇯🇵 Birth of the Kaizen movement Japanese word bringing together kai (movement) and zen (quietude / stripping / better), Kaizen is a system consisting of continuous improvement. History tells us that it was created by the Toyota brand. Lean management, derived from Kaizen, is also called the “Toyota way”. One of the principles of Kaizen is based on simplification and stripping down. Several methods and tools claim to be part of this movement. For example, the “5 S” method is used by companies to improve the management of their logistics and their space. Seiri/ Get rid of Seiton/ Tidy up Seiso/ Clean up Seiketsu/ Maintain order Shitsuke/ Be respectful of the first 4 rules Two entrance doors…

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