We do not improvise in PR!

The profession of Press Relations requires the use of very specific techniques. The Press Relations Consultant is also an increasingly recognized player in the company's strategy. In particular, he plays an important role alongside the Marketing and Communication Director. His mission ? Actively participate in the promotion of the company through its relational role with the various audiences. Today, we talk more about PR consultant than press officer. And since it is no longer possible to practice this profession without talking about digitalization, we are more likely to talk about PR/Digital Consultant. 🙌 🛠 Press Relations: a specialist job It is not enough to be nice, pleasant and diplomatic to succeed in this job (even if these qualities are always appreciated). In reality, doing Press Relations is a structured, rigorous and delicate exercise, calling on several notions, skills, tools and abilities. 😀 The job is not just about writing...

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