Cross-media stories and advertisers with Jacques Attali

The We Are COM team exchanged with Jacques Attali 🤗 Famous polytechnician, enarque and founder of 4 international institutions (Action against hunger, EUREKA, the EBRD and Positive Planet), he is the author of more than 1.000 editorials in the magazine L 'Express and more than 80 books. Today, he is notably an editorial writer for the newspaper Les Echos. On the occasion of the publication of his latest book "Stories of the Media: from smoke signals to social networks, and after", Jacques Attali shares with us his analyzes of the media of yesterday, today and tomorrow. An exceptional meeting of the We Are COM Club to enlighten corporate communicators on the new challenges facing advertisers in the face of the constant change in the media ecosystem. We rewind to take a leap… into the future! 🚀 slides in French 🤓 First of all, Jacques Attali, could you give us your definitions of information, communication and entertainment? Jacques Attali: Information constitutes a fact…

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