The following event in 8 good practices

We have been struck by an unprecedented crisis, that of the Covid-19. Events are one of the hard hit sectors. At first stunned, the professionals quickly realized that they could not reorganize face-to-face events anytime soon. The crisis has disrupted uses and accelerated the trend of digitizing events. For those involved in events, it was necessary to venture into a new practice: make digital the major and face-to-face the minor dimension of an event. A number of experts have taken up the challenge of designing innovative and quality remote events. Today is the time for the first lessons.

Then We Are COM team shares with you 8 essential good practices for a successful event of tomorrow, collected from leading event professionals:

1⃣ Create a useful event #MoinsMaisMieux 

Muriel Blayac: "Due in particular to its cost, its carbon footprint, it is in the interest of the society in which we live - from a point of view CSR - and for which one works, to know for which reasons one makes an event. The event must come mark the signature of the company's raison d'être, it must be inclusive and anchored in society. More than ever, it's about creating a useful event. "

2⃣ Have quality content and editorialize it # StrategyContenuFirst

Pierre Suc: “If the format of an event is extremely important, the quality and relevance of the content are nonetheless fundamental. The essential is unchanged! It's about having a strategy first content - interesting and uninterested content - with a clearly established principle of editorialization. It is necessary to have content with high added value that will have to be brought to life: in live, in podcast, on social networks… A real programmatic reflection upstream is essential. "

3⃣ Pace your speeches and the sharing of content #Rythme & Boost

PS : “Today, it is particularly difficult to maintain the attention of an audience at a distance for more than an hour. Particularly within the framework of the internal communication, it is necessary to privilege a logic of contents distributed in time in a coherent way, according to a common thread and various forms (long or short, with or without interactivity, etc.). Indeed, it is abouthave a mastered rhythm of what we share, impactful wording and engaging storytelling to ensure audience attention, understanding and buy-in. "

4⃣ Screenwriting for a production worthy of a #DeLaForme TV show

Nicolas Emery: “To guarantee a quality event, it is necessary to adapt the content and the script to the specificities of digital technology and of an audience often alone in front of a screen. It is a question of compelling oneself to a much more tonic writing, more sequenced and to allow more time for interactions between the speakers and the participants, as well as between the participants among themselves. The staging of the content must be supported by more frequent changes of rhythms and sequences. The issue of networking between participants is one of the main challenges to be taken up. " 

5⃣ Be innovative and creative to differentiate yourself #IAmUnique

MB: “The organization of events is based on a fundamental need to stand out, to surprise and improve the participant's experience. Audiences very quickly tire of formats, this is why it is necessary to differentiate in terms of content and to be creative. The emergence of innovative formats in the artistic field (ShowCase shows, fashion shows, music festivals, gaming, etc.), draws a creative potential to capture an audience and get them to join. "

6⃣ Entertain and reinject pleasure #HaveFun

BORN : “After the months that we have just spent where we were bathed in a certain anxiety and uncertainty, it is advisable to reinject the pleasure. It is necessary to make the public envy again in order to engage them again in a collective process. The pride of belonging to an organization and the quest for meaning sought by employees is also nourished by the pleasure of being together and sharing a collective emotion. Digital events will have to integrate more entertainment. You will see that when theaters, cinemas, concert halls and stadiums reopen to the public, the show will be as much in the hall as on stage!

7⃣ Show personalization #OnlyYou

Laurence Rousseau: “What defines an event is its ephemeral nature, which is based on two parameters: the date and the place. Today, these two concepts tend to evolve with digital. Content can be sequenced and used over time, with replay for example. And even if we have a community, it is not homogeneous. This evolution gives the opportunity to reach audiences in a wider way and to tend towards more personalization by working more finely on the event and the shared content. "

8⃣ Putting people at the center to promote #HumanCentric engagement

LR: “Events are a moment of sharing. So how do you recreate sharing? Without being intrusive, it will be about create an intimate relationship, to speak with affection, pleasure, gentleness and above all sincerity. Many brands claim to be responsible and committed. However, beyond the elements of language, there is a strong expectation to demonstrate it. "

???? Ready for tomorrow's events?💪

We are all waiting for the recovery. The truth. But our lives will not be the same: our uses, our concerns, our reflexes will be different. The event of tomorrow will not be that of yesterday, certainly.

The absolute need to transform physical events into digital events confronted the organizers with difficulties as well as opportunities. You have to touch a public wider by ignoring the constraint of walls for example. As the two formats have significant advantages, professionals in the sector agree to sustainably organize events. phygitals or hybrids that will become essential.

The events sector is therefore far from having said its last word. If it is in crisis, it reinvents itself by relying on its fundamentals: its know-how remains essential, regardless of the format. Editorialization of content, rhythm of speaking, scripting, orchestration over time, selection of suitable technical solutions… so many concepts that require varied and complementary expertise.

The event of tomorrow promises to be a powerful lever for recovery 🚀 Go!

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