Liebig: negative opinions at the service of the raison d'être

The We Are COM team conducted a warm interview with Liebig, the soup giant.🍵 François Baldo, Marketing Group Manager of GBfoods France, reveals the communication strategy, at the service of the raison d'être, of the brand of France's favorite soup. A few minutes is the time you need to read this article, but also the time needed to heat up their ready-to-eat vegetables! 🍽 🤓 Hello François and welcome to We Are COM! To begin and warm up your brains, what is your definition of communication? I would say that communication is simply the art of getting a message across, in the most understandable way possible, in the right place and at the right time. It is essential for a brand to communicate on what it offers. All this while focusing on the specific needs of its consumers. Knowing your recipients is the first…

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