The 10 SEO commands to stop making mistakes

On the websites, everyone is looking to gain visibility. 👀 For this, everyone tries to work their SEO as best they can to gain some places on Google. Unfortunately, the results may not be there! 👎 Why? Because all too often rookie mistakes are made. To save you precious time and some positions on the search engines, here are the 10 commandments of a good SEO! 🤓

The best place to hide a body is the second page of Google!

SEO proverb

1. Work on your Title and Meta-description tags 🤔

Forgetting to write your tags is undoubtedly one of the most common mistakes ... and yet! They are what allow Internet users decide if they will click on your result, rather than that of a competitor. So a well-optimized and well-written Title tag and Meta description will increase your click-through rate. And a good click-through rate will allow your page to move up in search results. It is essential to maintain this virtuous circle, by writing unique and attractive tags, perfectly summarizing the content of the destination web page, while containing your keywords. Work ? Certainly ! But believe me SEO is worth the effort.

2. Publish qualitative content 💪

You too have been beating your ears with the now essential phrase "the contents is king ”? Even if the latter is true, some believed that it would be effective to produce content in quantity and at very high frequency. Result ? These contents are neither qualitative nor relevant. Thus, Google will consider that they are not of interest to Internet users and will downgrade them in its result pages.

The solution ? Rather than producing content to produce content, consider providing information that will interest the reader and therefore retain them on your website. website.

3. Have a content strategy💡

The previous point logically brings us to this one: the need to define a content strategy! Lack of strategy is usually the reason why your efforts are not producing the expected results. And since nothing speaks volumes more than numbers, here are a few: 60% of web marketers fail to produce quality content over time. In the end, only 30% succeed. The secret of these? This is all about putting in place a clear content strategy with specific goals. Creating quality content is very effective in SEO, but you have to be productive! 

4. Use the right keywords (I.e.

And we finally bounce back on the famous keywords! Because writing is good, but writing with the right words is better. Internet users and search engine indeed use these keywords to appreciate the content of your pages. How can they understand that your pages are about such and such a subject if there is no keyword to say it?

5. Pamper your links ????

The connections Leading to your site are powerful tools that improve your Google ranking. But beware, not all are created equal! On the contrary, links coming from poorly qualitative pages in the eyes of Google can have a negative impact on your natural referencing. Once again, you need to prioritize quality over quantity.

In the same way, you can work on your internal network by placing anchors on strategic words, this will notably allow Google's robots to bounce from page to page, thus facilitating its indexing work.

6. Think SXO (I.e.

What the hell is this stuff? Finally nothing very complicated, and this development is moreover rather logical. Today, Google has become extremely demanding! The search engine now wants your website to be able to retain Internet users on your pages thanks to an optimal user experience. SXO is simply the contraction of SEO andUX. Concretely this means that you must be attentive to your target, understand it and anticipate. Criteria not to be neglected to make the beautiful eyes of Google and promote your SEO.

7. Go responsive 📲

A responsive website automatically adapts to the terminal that displays it. Thus, the text, columns and images will adjust according to the type of screen and its size. The number of connections to a website from a mobile device tends to exceed that on a desktop. This new way of consuming the web has inevitably influenced the way Google indexes. Now your website must be mobile compatible, it is imperative! Mobile compatible pages are officially favored by Google. 

8. Pay attention to the loading time of its pages ⌛️

3 seconds! This is the ideal loading time for a user to decide to stay on your page. Beyond that, you have a 90% chance that he decides not to wait. Gold, a user who leaves your page quickly increases your rebound rate, then penalizing your position on Google. To lighten your pages and reduce their loading time, sift through all of your images and make sure they're not too large. Likewise, avoid piling up plugins and widgets.

9. Take a close look at your KPIs ????

Working on SEO also means measuring that your actions are effective. For it, Google provides free tools, essential to follow the evolution of its SEO. Google Analytics is a great tool to keep an eye on your strategy, improve your position and increase conversion.

10. Be patient! 🙏

SEO is a long process. What you sow today may only be visible in the months to come. The essential ? Work on your SEO, analyze and review your strategy if necessary. It is at this price that the optimizations will see their effect.

Obviously SEO is an area where many other technical criteria come into account. However, these 10 practical tips provide a good foundation and will prevent you from falling into the most common traps that we see on a daily basis. 🚀

Tanguy Millot

Tanguy Millot

Founder & CEO at SEO Design, and guest of the We Are COM team

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