The incredible media story in 5 minutes!

Trace more than 5.000 years of media history in less than 5 minutes? ⏰ It's possible, thanks to this absolutely not exhaustive summary of Jacques Attali's book "Media stories: from smoke signals to social networks, and long after. The We Are COM team hopes that its little cheat sheets will make you want to go further in this media retrospective, which also tells us a lot about the future of communicators. 🤓 Indeed, as Jacques Attali says so well: " The future cannot be glimpsed and apprehended only by looking at the laws of the past. » Want more? Immerse yourself or re-immerse yourself in this synthesis of an unprecedented exchange between the famous author and the Club We Are COM! 🚀 📖 Once upon a time… The history of the media begins before Homo Sapiens, with smoke signals and cries, which already cross Gaul…

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