Nano-Influence: a new El Dorado? 🤔

The influence, you know? Yes ! But are you really up to speed on nano-influence? The We Are COM team tries to decipher this emerging phenomenon, because today it becomes possible to do CtoC (consumer-to-consumer) for a derisory cost. 😯 So, what are the good practices of this particular communication channel and what are its limits? Are you following us? To your notepads! 📝 Nano-influence: quesaco? Increasingly, the opinions of big influencers and celebrities are becoming rigid with consumers, preferring to trust an individual they can relate to. 🙏 The Covid crisis has widened this gap between the "people" of the web and Internet users more than ever. Indeed, simplicity has become the key word in communication. Above all, customers demand transparency, responsibility and proximity. It is precisely these three commitments that nano-influence offers us. Let's face it...

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