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Communicators and marketers have many tools to help them in their strategy de SEO natural. 🛠 For each utility (netlinking strategy, SEO audit, keyword research, resolution of website web, etc.) there is a software or a suitable tool. Discover the 10 most effective SEO tools to boost your natural referencing. ????

1. SEMRush

SEMRush is certainly THE best SEO tool currently available for marketers. Indeed, this solution concentrates all the essential functionalities to improve your natural referencing, whatever your objective (boost your positioning on Google or improve your e-reputation). For example, you will be able to know your positioning on Google but also that of your competitors, analyze your backlinks, carry out SEO audits, find keyword ideas, etc. In short, if you are looking for one comprehensive marketing tool, this is the one to choose. 💪

SEMRush is chargeable, but it is possible to take a 7-day free trial to familiarize yourself with the solution before paying. Then the rates range from $ 99,95 per month to $ 399,95 per month. 

2. Google Search Console

If SEMRush remains the best tool to improve your SEO, Google Search Console is meanwhile, the best free SEO tool. 💸 This tool provides you with regularly updated information on your website, such as error pages. You can also edit very clear and synthetic reports, allowing you to follow the evolution of your SEO over a long period.

The only downside to this SEO tool: the analyzes will only focus on the Google search engine, while more and more Internet users are turning to alternative search engines (Bing, Ecosia, etc.). 

3.Google Analytics

Google Analytics is also essential to analyze and work on the performance of your website and your natural referencing. There you will find statistics such as the number of unique visitors, the number of unique sessions, the average time spent on the site, the rebound rate, sources of visitors, etc. 📊

Like Google Search Console and SEMRush, Google Analytics allows you to edit detailed reports that will allow you to follow the evolution of your SEO strategy over time. To install Google Analytics, it's very simple, you just need a Gmail address.  

4. Yooda Insight

???????? Yooda Insight is a French tool based on data from Google France: it is therefore an excellent tool to boost local SEO. With this solution, you will be able to find keyword ideas, analyze the performance of your website or even carry out SEO audits. It is possible to use this tool for free, but the use will then be limited. To fully benefit from the options of this solution, you must subscribe for only € 19 per month without commitment. 


Ubersuggest is a free SEO solution that allows you to find keywords and search terms to boost your SEO. It is sometimes difficult to find the right keywords, and especially to focus on a reduced number of keywords and search phrases (between 2 and 5 words). This tool allows you to identify the most relevant terms, depending on the search volume in particular. The little extra: you can adapt your keyword research according to the categories of the search engine, for example Google Images, Google News or Google Shopping. And what's more, it's very easy to use! 🤓

6. OnCrawl

OnCrawl is the best crawl solution currently available. This tool made in France, developed in Bordeaux, has been awarded as the best SEO solution on numerous occasions. ✅ The goal of OnCrawl is to crawl the pages of your website for errors so that you can fix them and make the job of Google robots easier. But that's not all : you can also measure the popularity of your website pages with a feature called Inrank. 

To test the solution, you can take advantage of a 14-day free trial and take a plan at € 50 per month. The formulas then go up to € 199 per month.

7. Screaming Frog

🐸 This tool is not necessarily the most aesthetic, but it is very effective in finding the problems of your website. Indeed, the solution Screaming Frog will provide you with reports on basic issues as well as complex issues that are preventing you from boosting your SEO. These problems can be for example:

● Missing titles;

● Missing meta tags;

● Broken links; 

● Duplicate URLs;

● Errors in the structure of your site;

● Technical problems and server problems;

● Images that are too large;

  • And many more functions

All you have to do is correct the errors to improve the navigability of your website, and therefore its natural referencing!

The free version of Screaming Frog is already doing very well, but for an ultra-complete scan you can pay the annual license for less than $ 200 for the year. 

8. Cocolyze

Cocolyze is a tool for performing a complete SEO audit. The SEO audit will analyze the pages of your website, its loading speed, its backlinks, or the relevance of keywords. You can even track your competition's SEO. 🆙 This solution is one of those that are currently on the rise: it is particularly appreciated by marketers for its design and its clear and synthetic reports. 

You can try the solution for free for 15 days. The prices then go from € 27,53 to € 77,54 per month.

9. Majestic SEO

If you are looking for a backlinks tracking tool to set up a netlinking strategy, Majestic SEO is the tool for you. 🎯 This solution allows you to analyze your backlinks based on information such as Trust Flow and Citation Flow. This tool is quite expensive, so it is reserved for SEO experts and marketers whose netlinking is the heart of the SEO strategy. Subscriptions range in effect from $ 49,99 per month to $ 399,99 per month. 

10. Answer The Audience

Answer The Public is the go-to site for SEO copywriters. 📝 CThis site allows you to find the questions that Internet users ask themselves the most according to your keyword or your search term. It will be useful to you in particular to write FAQs or relevant and complete articles. The free version is sufficient for one-time use, as it is limited to 5 searches per day per IP address. For frequent use, you will have to pay between $ 99 per month and $ 399 per month depending on the chosen plan. 

SEO tools, need a recap?

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