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Marianne Conde Salazar

Communication is evolving, and so are our businesses! New expectations of public, new distribution channels, new working methods: a large number of opportunities are available to communicators, provided they are prepared for them. 🙄 So how to stay the course of such a complex professional career, and stay at the TOP in this coveted sector? What new skills should you acquire to be always in tune with the growing demands of our professions, as well as those of recruiters? What if the answer is training?

On the occasion of the launch ofapplication micro-learning ISCOM Anytime, let's take stock Marianne Conde Salazar, Director of the Higher Institute of Communication and Advertising (ISCOM). 🚀

???? Hello Marianne, let's start with a very simple question. What is your definition of "communicator"?

The communicator is a true professional in communication, a technician seasoned in techniques and concepts, today more and more demanding. The popular idea is that communication should be within everyone's reach. However, it is not such a simple activity, it is not enough to master the spoken word to be able to "sell" a product or a company. It is essential for any communicator to show great sensitivity in a world where activities are increasingly varied and specific. 

You are the director ofISCOM, a great School of Communication and also an expert in continuing education, the guiding line of your course. What advice would you give us to carry out our careers in Communication & Marketing? 💡

First of all and without hesitation, the key word remains and will remain curiosity! It is necessary to learn to get out of your comfort zone, to constantly explore new horizons and take up new challenges. The search for constant discovery is truly stimulating on a daily basis. The world is accelerating around you. So if you don't follow him, he won't be waiting for you! So never be afraid to meet new business sectors, new markets, new products and services. It will be a source of discovery and stimulation. You will grow up from it, and so will your employability.

📲 What will be the major developments in the Communication and Marketing professions over the next 10 years?

Too often we tend to focus on new technologies. However, it should be borne in mind that it is above all the receiver that matters, not the medium. So yes, communication is a sector where technical skills are essential. But let's not forget the essential: knowing your audience, their expectations, their values, their words. To do this, we need to open up to many other sciences: sociology, economics, geopolitics, history, etc. This renewed general culture is your basis for understanding and adapting to changes in our sector.

According to studies on the job market in communication, it would seem that 85% of the jobs that will be exercised in 2030 have not yet seen the light of day. Indeed, within ten years, these professions will be linked more to the datamining, data science. The major stake will lie in the study, integration and translation of this data. digital into relevant information. Communication professionals will have to demonstrate a great mastery of data analysis and also a great sensitivity to develop the most accurate communication devices for their targets.

Increasingly, personal data - or of homogeneous groups of individuals - will be available to us. Only human intelligence will be able to embody and give meaning to this profusion of data. If communication is the future, communication will necessarily be more responsible, more authentic and more sincere. At ISCOM, our ambition is to train professionals, of course, but also to guide the citizens of tomorrow, who are committed and responsible because they are aware of their actions.

Only human intelligence will be able to embody and give meaning to this profusion of data.

Is the Covid-19 crisis upsetting these trends? 😷

Indeed, the crisis has been an accelerator, transforming both consumption habits and production techniques. Communication more than ever is proving to be the best way to dialogue in the face of these changes. The communicator supports businesses and consumers; and more generally all the economic actors in this awareness responsible for the transformations of our world. 

I would say that in the past communication suffered from a too top-down pattern from brands to their consumers. While today, a real dialogue is taking place for the benefit of better living together. Brands have a full societal role to play and express here. At the same time, the societal role of the communicator is no longer debatable or negligible: if he is a true professional, his impact is global and complete in the organization where he works. 

What new skills do we need to acquire to maintain our expertise and also take advantage of new professional opportunities?

You understood it: the evolution of the world around us is constant. Once again, curiosity remains in order. It is necessary to always persevere in our research for information and training. Do not wait for someone to ask you to question yourself before questioning yourself. This is what we expect from a communicator, in essence. You are a trendsetter. What could be more important in our business than to understand the future?

Now that you are convinced of it, what is your “curiosity plan”? Your training, your monitoring, your readings, your meetings, your self-training, etc.

It is necessary to always persevere in our research for information and training.

🎓 For 40 years, ISCOM has been training future communication professionals. You are now launching ISCOM Anytime, a training application based on micro learning. Why such an innovation? 

It seemed interesting to us - even necessary - to respond in the most appropriate way to the changing and varied needs of communicators as well as of all professionals! Our program ISCOM Anytime is aimed at any professional wishing to promote its added value. More and more, communication skills are gaining ground in all professions. We are entering an era where everyone will be asked to communicate as accurately as possible, to be able to be accountable at the same time. internal and external

So ISCOM Anytime is based on micro-learning which consists of providing highly targeted knowledge and skills, all over a short period. I like to talk about "Lego construction", where everyone can superimpose the learning modules according to their needs and desires. The objective is to acquire micro-skills à la carte and with pleasure. 

In concrete terms, how does that work ? ????

The starting point of ISCOM Anytime is obviously the result of our long experience in communication training. Here, the approach is new: to make self-training accessible through an easy-to-use tool. On our ISCOM Anytime application - available on Apple Store and Google Pay for Android, we provide our new students with offers of micro-learning modules, podcast and specific advice from communication professionals. 

So that this rise in professional skills is accessible to all agendas and all budgets, each module lasts only 10 minutes at the price of 9.99 euros, in a nod to Frédéric Beigbeder. 😉

Between us… what is your favorite module in the ISCOM Anytime app? 😍 

This is the Club Med saga. I love the beautiful stories that follow the evolution of a society, and I also love the beautiful images of escape that we miss so much. It is essential to know the history of communication, the history of brands and their responses to societal aspirations. It is this knowledge that allows us to develop extremely precise anticipation capacities. 

And finally, what was your greatest learning while leading this innovative and unique training project? 💼

We are proud to offer an innovative offer, breaking with traditional educational training. Micro-learning is not an obvious concept to develop. We have revised learning according to a new scheme that is both more interactive and more fluid, to offer an independent course. IIt is possible for everyone to come and peck at their convenience, in a fun way, the knowledge and skills they wish to acquire. I like to think that we have taken on the challenge of setting up a “brain gym”. So my greatest learning with this project is a renewed astonishment: the co-construction in a team always generates a surpassing, individual as collective.

3 things to know about Marianne

  • His daily source of inspiration: Literature. Every weekend, she immerses herself in a new novel. If he catches her attention, he will be her companion all week.  
  • Her favorite ad: since 1993, Dimitri Chostakovich's waltz has accompanied CNP Assurances' advertising spots. The latest opus revisits this long saga in 2020 by bringing inclusion and diversity, while remaining faithful to it. And the link between the brand and the general public is once again rekindled.
  • Its commitments: it is not necessarily necessary to go to the other side of the world to be useful to others. AT " 15 minutes around home »We can help and comfort our families, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and so on. A reminder never unnecessary.
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