A good COM is a COM of evidence

🚆 Tchou tchou… The train towards the bottom of the SNCF communication strategy will enter the station. Follow the We Are COM team and get on board with Stéphanie Rismont, director of communication and branding for the SNCF group, also a member of the We Are COM Club! How does a public utility company, with more than 150 employees, express itself internally and externally, locally and nationally? 🤔 We're on board. 🤓 After having managed the communication of major food brands, you have been at the head of communication for the SNCF group for a year. So as a warm-up: what is your definition of local communication? I would qualify “proximity communication” as redundant, proximity being at the center of the communication profession. SNCF is a company that is at the heart of French life: TGV, Transilien, stations... Millions of users travel every day and each...

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