€ 1 invested in Product Communication € 7,85 in GDP

In France, 1 euro invested in media advertising generates 7,85 euros in Gross Domestic Product (GDP), according to Deloitte. Communication is indeed a fundamental lever for recovery and economic development, provided that it is carried out smoothly. 💪 To learn more, and to be able to give you tips and best practices in the sector, the We Are COM team was invited to the second edition of the Estates General of Communication. This round table, organized by our friends from Strategies magazine, was most rewarding. It's up to you to dig into our cheat sheets to find out where to invest! 🤓 💉 A little reminder shot? We are currently living in a unique period, where health, economic and social crises have combined. These upheavals encourage us to rethink our models. Another challenge for us communicators! Yes, we have to meet changing expectations and...

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