The social impact of brands

As we know, Corporate Social Responsibility is expected and watched by our audiences. ♻️ Moreover, 78% of French people say they are influenced by the responsible nature of a brand when making a purchase. So, we take care of it, we integrate it, we care about it. But are we really up to date on the good practices of this specific communication? 💪 Because CSR communication deserves our full attention, the We Are COM team comes to your aid, by calling on a recognized specialist in responsible communication. Céline Mas, writer and co-author of Communicator, is also a citizen committed to gender equality and diversity. His sharp gaze enlightens us on what to do and above all not to do! 💡 We must put infinite energy into preserving finite resources Antoine Riboud, founder and President of Danone 🤔 Hello Céline, what is CSR really? What are the differences between…

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