Personal & Professional Branding: advice from headhunters

The very essence of any communicator is to know how to “brand” their brand, but do we really know how to apply this strategy to ourselves? In the highly competitive sector of communication, how can you optimize your attractiveness? Because employability meets very specific criteria, the We Are COM team went to seek advice from the pros in this area. 🤓 During a club workshop, experts from Mushroom, headhunters specializing in the fields of communication, marketing and digital, revealed their best practices in Personal & Professional Branding. 🙌 see the video replay download the slides Before getting to the heart of the matter, and as an appetizer, here are some figures representative of the trends in the COM job market. 👀 Elisa Stoppa and Régis Bruneau, you are both associate directors of Mushroom. To start, could you tell us about…

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