Influence campaigns: what legal framework?

💥 Influence: Instagram, Tiktok, Twitch… Government awareness campaigns promoting the biggest luxury brands, content creators – Youtubers, Instagramers, Streamers, Twittos, etc. – have become key figures in the communication strategies of companies and institutions. From the status of simple user to that of platform icon, influencers are now real trendsetters. They entertain, inform, alert, recommend and/or denounce. If, within the meaning of the law, his community is not considered as a clientele, the fact remains that this, insofar as it reflects his notoriety, constitutes a fundamental element of the basis of calculation of his salary. These new communication vectors make it possible to ensure the perpetual renewal of consumption patterns. However, due to the multiplicity of actors and media, the consumer often assists helplessly in the development of practices that are sometimes obscure or quite...

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