Contributing, when the consumer changes marketing

Because the consumer is demanding, most of the time uncompromising. Because today, only the communication of evidence finds favor in his eyes. Because its expectations are constantly changing… More than ever, brands must distinguish themselves by their raison d'être and their commitments. 🙌 These new consumer approach issues require rethinking business communication, using new, more citizen approaches. 🙏 So, is the marketing of yesteryear really dead? In a way, yes. But don't panic, dear communicators, it's time to contribute! The contributing, quesaco? 🤔 Quite simply the heir to marketing, its new version, defending the idea of ​​responsible growth more than that of consumerist growth. For this, it is important that the evolution of business models corresponds to the evolution of consumer aspirations. Olivia Grégoire, Secretary of State for the Social, Solidarity and Responsible Economy, shared her analysis with us: “Capitalism has changed, is changing…

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