Good gifts: the ideal brief guide for your promotional items

Do you know ? communicating through advertising material means investing in 3ème average acclaimed by the French* ????

Whether it is to develop the notoriety of your brand with the public, prospecting for potential customers or even Loyalty of your current customers… the advertising object presents several interests. The figures attest to this: 78% of French people memorize the brand associated with an advertising object and 79% will keep the object and use it*.
So how do you choose the right promotional item… at the same time useful, sustainable and responsible, in line with your brand image and your budget? Arf find theadvertisment object ideal is sometimes a puzzle!

Don't panic, we're here 😇 To help you write the brief of your next advertising object, we have prepared you with the experts of theAdvertisment object a complete checklist of 3 major key steps to follow:

1> Choose your ideal product

2> Estimate your budget

3> Define your broadcast

🙌 Now you will ask yourself the right questions and ordering promotional items will have no secrets for you.

* Source: TSM Research \ 2FPCO 2021 study

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