Health: these little remedies that have become big brands

NO, in the context of COM Santé Week, we will not be dealing here with grandmother's remedies with wacky (and sometimes surprisingly conclusive) effects, but with consumer brands. 💊 What if medicinal products also had the right to a second life? Like Coca-Cola, developed by Dr. Pemberton in his Atlanta laboratory… which now litters our supermarket shelves and more. Finally – and sorry to break a myth – it seems that the famous soda was never really a medicine. Certainly sold in pharmacies in its infancy, it was very quickly bought for purely taste purposes. So what are the products that consumption patterns have diverted? #1 – La Chartreuse 🌿 At the top of this TOP sits the appellation, and now brand, Chartreuse. This alcoholic drink comes straight from the XNUMXth century, when…

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