Christmas: the best campaigns of 2021

🎅 HO, HO, HO! Like every year the little elves of the team We Are COM have concocted a TOP of campaigns most wonderful Christmas celebrations around the world. This year again, the magic of the holidays inspired the communicators: a Santa Claus in love, a clumsy yeti, a nostalgic snowman and even an alien. 🎄 This 2021 anthology has more than one surprise in store for you in its hood. Ready for a magical break?

# 1 - Coop, the moving encounter of a yeti and a squirrel 🐿

At the top of this TOP, we take Coop's wonderful countryside out of our hood. The pitch? A snowball fight and the clumsiness of a yeti who inadvertently dislodges a little squirrel. Attention spoiler! Before you shed a tear, we prefer to reassure you: the story ends well. The cooperative's message is as follows " It's when we're there for each other that the magic happens. »An ode to solidarity that touched us a lot.

# 2 - The idyll of Santa Claus from Norwegian Post 😍

Because Santa Claus also has the right to love, the company Posten Norge offers us a true modern fairy tale. " When Harry puts Santa Tells the story of a man, who after seeing Santa Claus by accident, develops a strong bond with him. Each year, their reunion - far too brief - is a moment of joy. Until the happy day when, La Poste relieves Santa Claus of his duties. A " happy end Moving, carrying a message of love, hope and tolerance. All accompanied by the magical song of a choir that still gives us chills.

# 3 - The enchanted fireplace of Coca-Cola 🎁

The iconic soda company, which did not as a reminder invent Santa Claus, outdoes itself once again with this enchanted campaign. A child worried about not having a fireplace in his living room takes the initiative to make one, thus affecting all the inhabitants of the neighborhood. The magic happens and everyone ends up finding the taste of Christmas. Will you be able to recognize the music of Marry Popins in the background of this hymn to solidarity?

# 4 - Orange's wonderful reunion 🙏

« More than ever, it's reunion season, let's celebrate it with Orange ". Once again this year, the essential telecommunications brand has softened our hearts on the subject of sharing. Getting together has not been easy in recent months, so like this friendly snowman, let's take advantage of this magical time to finally find each other. The simple and effective animation is rocked by the magnificent music of BREAD, " Everything i own ».

# 5 - Amazon Prime Video keeps us smiling 😁

It is the wonderful story of a zookeeper who befriends a hyena, mocked by his fellows. This moving campaign would almost make us want to adopt the animal. Despite the sometimes taken aback look of passers-by, the bond between the two friends is growing. Amazon Prime Video gives us a real hymn to smile with the sweet and iconic melody " Smile ", Because as the video platform asserts so well:" Cevery smile tells a story ».

# 6 - The magic of Christmas distilled by Disneyland Paris 🧚‍♀️

The cinema does not have a monopoly on Disney fairy tales. This year Disneyland Paris has concocted a fantastic epic, in which a somewhat clumsy elf is commissioned to distill the magic of Christmas throughout the world. But patatras, a selfie a little too acrobatic and the vial, given by Santa Claus, breaks. Thus was born the famous amusement park. The most of this ad? To perfectly blend authentic tradition with new uses.

# 7 - Lacoste's formidable gift machine 🐊

Lacoste reinvents itself with this spot animation, which is accompanied by a remarkable remix of Tchaikovsky. A wonderful advertisement that plunges us into a naive world, where the Lacoste crocodile has developed an extraordinary gift machine. We let ourselves be carried away by this dreamlike campaign, which does not fail to retrace the main lines of the history of the essential French brand.

# 8 - John Lewis's Extra-Terrestrial Christmas 👽

Here is another sign that is found on the podium of Christmas campaigns every winter. And this year John Lewis is no exception to the rule. Do you know how contagious the magic of Christmas can be? According to the English brand, it has no limit. This spot depicts the moving story of a little boy who befriends a young alien. He introduces him to the spirit of Christmas: a singing sweater, a decorated tree, a lighted house, cookies… A meeting of the third type from which a real alchemy arises.

# 9 - Bouygues unites generations around Johnny 🎸

How not to fall under the spell of this cover of Johnny Halliday? A little girl at the microphone, her brother on the drums and her father on the guitar… It didn't take much for the whole family to sing through, of course, the Bouygues Télécom network. Who says the Christmas spirit can't be rock?

# 10 - Cultura, after Christmas it will be Christmas again 😘

Because it's hard to part like this, after this TOP filled with magic… The We Are COM team gives you its latest crush full of optimism. With this ad Gifts that last“, the brand specializing in cultural goods and leisure promotes useful purchases. Even though Christmas only comes once a year, her memories defy time.

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