Communication trends in 2022

Because Communication is a moving science, with constantly changing uses, it is essential for us communicators to remain curious and constantly question ourselves. 🤓 Where are we talking? In view of the context and the objectives to be achieved, should we have a universal, unifying, divisive discourse? How best to respond to the issues of the moment of your target: health, purchasing power, inequalities? How to integrate new technologies into your Communication strategy? Where are we talking about? What are our values, our raison d'être, our ambition, and more generally, what are the subjects on which we are legitimate? How is your brand perceived? How to express oneself according to the audiences, the opportunities to speak? As usual and to arouse your curiosity, the team has delivered to Club We Are COM the best of the Communication of the last months in France and around the world. 🆙 Identity,…

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