Communication trends in 2022

Because Communication is a moving science, with constantly evolving uses, it is essential for us communicators to remain curious and constantly questioning ourselves. 🤓

Where do we speak? In view of the context and the objectives to be achieved, should we have a universal, unifying, divisive discourse? What are the best ways to respond to your target's current issues: health, purchasing power, inequalities? How to integrate new technologies into your communication strategy ?

Where are we talking about? What are our values, our raison d'être, our ambition, and more generally, what are the subjects on which we are legitimate? How is your brand perceived? How to express oneself according to hearings, speaking opportunities?

As usual and to arouse your curiosity, the team delivered to the Club We Are COM the best of Communication in recent months in France and around the world. 🆙 Identity, internal communication, influence, employer brand, events ... Here is our anthology of inspirations in all areas of corporate communication for 2022. 🙌 So, communicators, what will be your next communication plans?

1 - Brand identity: I take care of it

The brand identity, it is maintained. On the form, we observe that graphic changes tending to adapt to new uses : simplification, modernization, return to the source ... Basically, the identity is at the service of the values ​​of the brand, more and more it must embody its raison d'être.

🤖 Metamorphosis of logos

2021 saw a number of Logos mutate. The trend is clearly towards simplification. The curved graphics are abandoned in favor of more schematic visuals, sometimes even pictographic. In this sense, the process of skeuomorphism - which consists in reproducing the real appearance of an object in a design - is also seen neglected. The objective of these changes? Maintain the emblematic symbols of a logo, while making it more user-friendly, especially in a digital context.

simplifications of example logos

Note also that 2021 has seen many logos return to their initial graphic inspirations. For the Burger King brand, going back to basics allows us to convey " a less synthetic and less artificial image, but more real, desirable and tasty. »Regarding the graphic development of the Peugeot group, it uses its visual codes from the 60s. interview We Are COM x Thierry Lonziano, the Marketing and Communication Director of the French automotive giant said that this takeover was more suited to the digital age, via more assertive and modern codes.  

Back to the roots of the Burger King and Peugeot logos

Recall thata brand identity must above all be designed for its target, its consumers. This is the experience that Amazon faced. Indeed, Internet users had created controversy around the logo of the e-commerce company, considering it too resembling the mustache of a dictator. We let you judge.

evolution of the amazon logo

📦 Evolution of packaging

Visual changes also affect packaging, and not only because of the many regulatory pictograms. Le Chocolat des Français provides us with a fine example of this phenomenon. Their last campaign was able to combine humor and aesthetics. The photos, both positive and negative, staged on their packaging, depict France in a quirky way, with authenticity and above all greed. 

French chocolate packaging

What if packaging was the guarantor of a brand's values? This is the challenge that the VTC Heetch platform brilliantly took up, by delivering its commitments at the same time as its meals at home. Countryside " Nobody talks about Heetcherisation Reminds consumers that choosing a good VTC can change everything. Good to reaffirm its values, by inviting itself to its customers.

heetch vtc meal delivery packaging

(I.e. New signature 

Le Groupe La Poste, for its part, decided to revolutionize its identity with a new signature which recalls its flagship value common to all its activities: proximity. Marie-Aude Dubanchet, Group Communications Director, confided in the We Are COM team during an interview. She explains the reasons for these graphic changes: revalorizing the emblematic logo and diversifying the brand's color field to fully unite around proximity, whatever the company's business sectors. 

Finally, according to Franck Morena, Director of Castorama France, “ the change of signature signals the in-depth work carried out by the teams to develop the brand. “Indeed, the brand has produced a video which proclaims its raison d'être: supporting the French towards a better life. Can we summarize? Castorama is changing because " change advances ».

2 - Societal commitments: I deepen them

What if 2022 was the time to deepen commitments ? More than ever, the public expects brands to invest in the City in favor of causes that make sense. Communication has the fundamental role of supporting and making visible each action taken.

🙏🏼 Creative communication at the service of engagement

For the We Are COM, we were particularly sensitive to Decathlon Canada's communication campaign, “ Symbols of the possible ". Through original visuals and directly inspired by the Paralympic Games, the brand's initiative generated a positive societal impact. The idea in addition? Custom-made icons and stickers are downloadable and reusable.

decathlon commitment

Once again, Communication plays on the markings on the ground, with McDonald's Norway. The brand wanted to make its customers aware of the dangers of eating a meal at the wheel of your car, a practice unfortunately more widespread with recent health restrictions. The originality of this campaign lies in its slogan « Keep your eyes on the fries ».

NB: In Norway, the pun works best because their road markings on the ground are yellow. 😀

mcdonald's commitment

Have you already seen this colorful countryside, which adorns the walls of public transport in Ile-de-France? To remind its users that the customer experience is at the heart of its concerns, RATP has developed a media plan consequent which enhances the daily missions of its agents. Interesting to make visible what might seem obvious, through appropriate communication media.

ratp engagement

La Roche-Posay is committed to the daily health of consumers. Countryside “The skin is much more than just skin Highlights the brand's products while supporting people with skin problems. The photos, guaranteed without retouching and 100% natural, allow targets to identify themselves and at the same time break stereotypes.

commitment la roche posay

Still in terms of skincare products, Dove Puerto Rico stood out with its campaign " Proud in every wash », Which supports the LGBT movement. This operation pays homage to the famous "rainbow flag", thanks to colored soap bubbles. A great lesson in creativity.  

dove commitment

Who has never asked the question of the dangers of " advertising tracking "? In this regard, Apple is carrying out an eloquent international campaign to assert its position as a trusted third party in the protection of consumer personal data. The whole, while bringing to the technicality of the subject, a touch of humor.

Regarding responsible commitment, it is the Aigle brand that has attracted our attention. Tired of being overwhelmed by Black Friday promotional offers? The French brand has decided to close its points of sale (including the e-shop) this year on the occasion of a “positive Friday”. An initiative already taken by other brands such as Camif. This is an original way to fight against advertising pressure and promote a more responsible mode of consumption.

eagle engagement

For a few years now, Mattel is changing the image of its Barbie brand. Today, this famous doll celebrates diversity and inclusion. After taking on the appearance of great female personalists such as Frida Kahlo, or even Hélène Darroz, Barbie today takes on the features of astronaut Samantha Christoforreti. And it's good that our children's toys celebrate women who make things happen.

Finally, Easy Jet has done a lot in its fight for the environment with its support for the project " race to zero ". Indeed, the airline has set itself the extraordinary challenge of eradicating CO2 emissions from its flights by 2050. How? Is it realistic? The future will tell. This example allows us to question the general public's perception of this type of campaign ... How to share your progress approach? How to communicate a distant response to an urgent challenge? You have 2 hours to share your answers with us. 😉

easy jet engagement

3 - Editorial productions: I contextualize them

The editorial content reinvent themselves according to new formats and uses. The latest is the podcast, which has become a must-have in a very short time. In addition to the format, the contents must also reinvent itself to compensate for mass information and its infobesity. It is necessary to succeed in mixing aesthetics and utility as accurately as possible.  

💡 Original editorial productions

In the structure category, we must cite the magnificent SNCF project in tribute to the investment of all the Group's stakeholders throughout the health crisis. The railway company has teamed up with author Emery Doligé to develop this complete editorial device: illustrated book, paperback, digital version, audio book, etc. An invitation to travel and beautiful encounters!

When the editorial publication is intended for the general public, again, it is possible to stand out like the Biocoop consumer magazine. The cooperative publishes a free bimonthly publication offering a multitude of reports, testimonials, portraits, interviews, etc. We also find various advice sheets: tips, tutorials and even cooking recipes. Here is a nice example of variousity of content.

biocoop magazine

It seems unthinkable to approach good editorial production practices without addressing the famous podcast. Did you know that nearly 100 million podcasts were listened to each month in France? The Volvo company has understood this well and is playing on this audio phenomenon. The brand offers entertaining and educational content to listen to as a family. Discover the Volvo x We Are COM interview.

volvo podcasts

AXA France is also investing in the audio format to raise awareness of the dangers associated with the use of smartphones. The message " you have your life in front of you ”Is carried by AXA Prévention. In addition to the podcast series, this campaign is available in a film and a digital device.

4 - Integrated report: I reinvent it

Every communicator knows that renewing an integrated relationship can quickly become a headache. However, this annual support can impose itself as the "flagship" of corporate speech and even constitute a campaign of institutional communication in its own right. Have you ever thought about using digital technology to honor your employees?

🔎 Attractive integrated reports

L'Oréal gives us the secrets of a non-exhaustive but extremely attractive integrated report. The leader in cosmetics has decided to select only useful information and key figures, for a clear and hierarchical rendering. The Group's strategy and its performance are made clear. The advantage of mobile navigation? She is both intuitive and of course responsive.  

L'Oréal integrated report

Digital was also the option chosen by Danone. To support its positioning " moving business ", Whose mission is to revolutionize food for the benefit of everyone's health, the brand has achieved a 100% digital report. The commitments were presented there in the form of motion design with content encouraging audiences to act themselves: insights, vision sharing, etc.

built-in daone report

The report drawn up by the company specializing in recycling CITEO has, for its part, become a fully-fledged communication device with the hashtag #MoreOnKnownBetterDone. And after all, why not make its integrated report a more ambitious voice? What could be more telling than a communication of proof?

Finally, BIC - which excels each year in this category - has bet on the simplicity and usefulness of its content. When it comes to integrated reporting, the selection of information is essential. In the form of a book, this digital report goes straight to the end as its slogan proclaims " Get to the point ».

5 - Internal communication: I make it surprising

In 2022, internal communication must more than ever surprise with energy. After a year under the sign of constraint with its Go-NoGo, the intern had to adapt and develop pirate or even shifted processes to recreate links with and between employees. Now, room for astonishment.

🎁 Internal communication campaigns full of surprises

When Somfy fights against sexism, the industrial group sets up an original internal device which marks the spirits. Countryside " Sexism is from another era. It's not ours »Revolves around four visuals exhibited in rest areas, theintranet, digital screens and even available in a special edition of the internal newspaper that employees were able to receive directly at home.

The health crisis has impacted many sectors, including real estate. To strengthen the commitment of its employees in the face of increasingly complex customer expectations, Vinci Immobilier has redesigned its internal magazine with new sections paying tribute to all employees. For better distribution, there are multiple formats: print, digital and internal social media accounts.

vinci internal magazine

The We Are COM team also flashed on the Mondelez webserie which turns its employees into heroes. To unite the latter and increase their sense of belonging, the multi-brand multinational has cast its employees and selected 80 of them to play in “Face Cachée”. Results ? The company's social network, Yammer, saw its attendance jump by + 72%.

mondelez web presentation "face caché" series

And to finish, a video content surprised us again, the series of the Maif, intended for its collaborators. This format goes out to meet employees, while having the ambition to answer their questions about internal topical issues. The fun idea? The information is handled by two really entertaining concierges.

6 - Employer brand: I'm having fun

What if the employer brand trend of 2022 was to have fun, in both your professional and personal life? Only communication that manages to combine authenticity and humor is capable of making a difference.

⚖️ The right tone of the employer brand

The tone, simple and fair, may be the secrett good employer brand communication. In any case, this is what this Axione campaign shows us. The operator brilliantly produces short and authentic formats, shot on a smartphone.

Sanofi has made the bet to seduce the youngest with its operation " Place of the future » an original recruiting tour. The objective was to support interns and work-study students in their first steps in business. On the program of this itinerant village: job dating, coaching and of course discovery of the Group's professions.

sanofi recruitment tour

Finally, humor remains an eternal recipe and also applies to employer attractiveness. The Guy Hoquet real estate agency network has understood this by offering offbeat videos and visuals, promoting the training of future employees. Here is one of the three films released on social networks, a spot that makes you smile.

7 - Media COM: I assume it

In 2022, it is time to take charge of your media communication. He must redouble his creativity, a creativity with a strong bias. A successful advertising speech is a campaign that arouses curiosity. 

👊 Strong advertising campaigns

Buffalo Grill amazed us with its film "Bye bye Far West" to announce its repositioning brand. The restaurant chain, made famous for its world of cowboys, bison and totems, has decided to abandon this identity. The new atmosphere will be more “steakhouse” oriented. You have to be proud to reinvent yourself, and above all to assume it with self-mockery.

Have you heard of this media campaign filmed in Dubai, from the top of the huge Burj Khalifa tower without special effects? To express its enthusiasm following the reopening of flights (UK - United Arab Emirates), the company Fly Emirates produced the most dizzying advertisement of the year, where a professional parachutist dives from the roof of the tower.

NB: This performance elevates this campaign to the second highest commercial in the world, after Red Bull and the stratospheric leap of Felix Baumgartner.

Once again, the communicators have aroused the curiosity of Internet users. Skoda's #TuTesVuDormir campaign, implicitly promoting passenger comfort, was a huge success on social media. The tweeters had a blast and the hashtag exploded, even if not all shared snapshots were taken from a car.

com media skoda

By continuing with the implicit communication campaigns, we can focus on the case of Camaïeu. The women's ready-to-wear brand preferred to promote women to its own products in its poster campaign. We observe active and charismatic women, sublimated in their daily life, without being fantasized. The idea? Camaïeu is not an industry of dreams, but an industry of reality. A creation with positive noise on social networks.

com media camaieu

Finally, the poster campaign « Relive together ”From RTL also touched the We Are COM team. Do you remember the slogan of the famous radio station 15 years ago? Responnse : " Live together ». Here is a nice COM that fits in the time, by displaying surprising duos of personalities. On the social media side, these offbeat shots immediately seduced and also made a lot of talk.

com media rtl

8 - Digital and influence: I test and I learn

Any digital strategy must take into account all of the changing contexts. You have to be inspired by the global context, its brand context and even the context of its targets (what we like to call the “co-text”). In 2022, we still have to test and learn as we go through our experiences. But let us remember that this taking into account of the environments is the sine qua non for the true narration, that which allows the expression of true moments of life.

📲 Digital inspirations

To compensate for more than a year without travel, the SNCF offered the French a “catch-up ticket”. The digital campaign was divided into three main stages: a contest on social networks in partnership with the influencer Danielle "the favorite grandmother of the French", a weekly meeting and a commercial animation campaign. It was a success because the campaign fell at the right time: 62% of French people felt the urge to travel. We understand them!

SNCF "catch-up ticket" campaign

As for financial communication, an announcement made noise on social networks: that of the takeover of Boston Dynamics by Hyundai. Astonishing financial news that makes the buzz, no ? Not that much when the digital strategy is well conducted. To celebrate the takeover of their company by the South Korean giant, engineers from Boston Dynamics made their robots dance to popular K-Pop music. Over 900.000 views in two days. We let you discover the performance of this not so BtoB spot.

Still regarding digital strategies, have you followed Lush news? The brand announces its departure from social networks. The reason ? Jack Constantine, Digital Director of the cosmetics company said: “ As a creator of bath bombs, my priority is to offer products that help to disconnect, relax and take care of your well-being. Some social networks have become the antithesis of this goal. » Prefer a consumption of selected content rather than suffered, here is a great idea, especially when it is relayed by an influencing system.

lush leaves social networks

🎧 Inspiration playlist

The famous brand of pasta, Barilla, has developed a most useful communication on Spotify. The idea? Offer playlists to consumers where each piece corresponds to the exact cooking time of a variety of the brand's pasta. It's well thought out and it makes you hungry.

barilla and her playlists

(I.e. Inspirations influence

Digital tells beautiful stories and Badoo has been able to surf these very particular forms of narration. The dating app turned the web series " In truth, it was good », With the help of influencers, notably Fatou Guinea. The videos promote spontaneity and honesty in meetings, all in a tone anchored in the spirit of the times.

To conclude this chapter, we must mention the superb film promoting bank cards "Back to the future" by Société Générale. The advertising spot, very pop-culture, is produced with the French TikTokeur Madeuh. Something to delight all fans of Doc and Marty MacFly. It should be noted that the campaign also has a display device, in augmented reality.

9 - Events: I redouble my requirements

You understood it, in 2022, after a multitude of rFor the sector, events must redouble their demands. It must be based on phygital devices in order to be able to reach as many people as possible, regardless of the conditions. Content will have to be scripted more than ever.

😲 Truly innovative events

La cow who laughs is celebrating its 100th anniversary and warns us that it has not finished making us laugh. And for good reason, the cheese brand, in partnership with the association Le Rire Médecin, invites consumers to record their laughter in order to transform them into donations with the #UnRireUnDon. For this vast event-driven operation, a special website has been developed, the brand's packaging has been revisited, collectors' items have been put on sale, and of course a social media campaign has been carried out.

The Laughing Cow campaign #unrireundon

Another birthday! This time, it is the Monoprix brand which celebrates its 90 years of commitment, by organizing an exhibition that traces its history, at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris. The immersive retrospective " Design for everyone from Prisunic to Monoprix, a French adventure », Reminds us of the history of the emblematic jewels of design at a lower cost. An anecdote ? This is the first exhibition dedicated to the world of mass distribution.

monoprix exhibition

Events are also an opportunity to assert or reaffirm your expertise. With its campaign " Amazon Dubbing Experience », The famous platform highlights the main part of its expertise: the dubbing of films and series. The creative idea? The organization of a contest on Instagram, where journalists and influencers had the opportunity to dub the cult scenes of their favorite Amazon Originals productions.

In terms of innovative phygital device, we must also cite the " Bouygues International Games ”, Or BIG. This Bouygues Construction event offered a 100% digital challenge on a global scale, bringing together around fifty students. The objective being to make discover the trades and activities of the company, behind theexperience interactive.

10 - Partnerships: I go for it

Let's finish this benchamrk of communication trends in the field of partnerships. Even if this category is not an integral part of any communication action, do not neglect it or more. Indeed, there is no small partnership, only great encounters.

???? Unexpected speeches

We are starting strong with this Balenciaga x The Simpsons partnership. Indeed, the luxury brand has paid for an episode of the famous animated series to present its new collection. Unexpected and curious of course, but extremely clever to appropriate the codes of popular culture. The episode unveiled on the occasion of Fashon Week made a name for itself: emotion, humor and self-mockery were at the rendezvous.

balenciaga and the simpsons

Because it is interesting to make partnerships that break the codes, the Biarritz Olympique rugby club has partnered with the Grindr gay dating app. The logo of this application therefore adorns the team's jerseys. A daring COM shot that made noise on social networks. The club claims that it " participates in the fight against homophobia and is committed to Grindr to continue its action for inclusion and acceptance at the level of its league and rugby ". A great lesson in partnership.

grindr sponsors the Biarritz rugby team

Have you ever seen your neighborhood merchants plastered on movie posters? If so, it is certainly due to the BNP Paribas x UGC and MK2 partnership. This one portrayed the traders of the Odeon district in Paris as heroes of the big screen. All this, embellished with an eye-catching punchline and of course the address of the store. The impact of this device has resonated on social networks.

neighborhood traders on ugc mk2 cinema posters

We stay in Paris to approach the Olympic Village of Paris 2024 and one of its official partners, PwC. The announcement of this sponsoring was revealed during a virtual ceremony, which was addressed to the 6.000 employees of the Big Four company. The operation " Act for tomorrow »Supports positive action and collective impact. This is a great way for PwC to communicate on topics such as trust and sustainability. 

pwc x paris2024 partnership

Last good practice to share with you: the telecommunications brand Orange joined forces with the publisher of travel guides Lonely Planet to develop the campaign " It's time to disconnect ». A poetic video, which reminds us of the importance of letting go. So, let's disconnect!

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