2024 salaries in the COM: how much are you worth?

To help you situate yourself and ask your boss for a raise, the We Are COM team reveals the salaries of communicators in 2024, thanks to the annual salary study carried out by the recruitment firm Page Group. Revelations (or not).

No inflation on the remuneration of communicators for the fourth consecutive year, after a series of decreases. We take note that the professions with dual expertise (COM + Digital, COM + Finance, COM + HR, COM + Marketing) always earns a bonus.

Dual expertise makes it possible to respond more quickly to the challenge of personalized communication. Digital is accelerating this movement by becoming omnipresent in organizations and their communication strategies. It does not make communicators disappear, it accelerates the transformation of their professions and creates new ones! Thus social media, the main lever of influence, is increasingly becoming an acquisition tool: we speak here of “social media acquisition”.

Brands must also adapt to new artificial intelligence tools. A true revolution in the way we approach our jobs, AI has today become essential.

To steer increasingly cross-functional projects, the Marketing & Communication Departments recruit profiles who demonstrate a high level of vision while maintaining a very operational dimension. There is thus a decompartmentalization of expertise.

Towards an accentuation of the Communication + Digital mix

There is a growing deployment of the actions ofinbound marketing (and its variant inbound recruiting in HRD), the foundations of which stem from a mature Brand Content strategy which guarantees the brand's otherness (above products, services) while offering automated routes.

The Community Managers continue to ensure the dissemination of content and interactions with customers / prospects on social media while ensuring the brand's e-reputation. They are usually attached to a Social Media Manager, in charge of defining the brand's social approach.

Today more than ever, profiles that affect the customer experience are favored. The health crisis has brought about a rapprochement between models of physical communication and those of digital communication. This evolving complementarity encourages the recruitment of Product owners, UX / UI, Designer, etc.

Digital profiles, bounty hunters

La hunt for real digital talent stay fierce for the communications recruiters companies which for the oldest established in the digital ecosystem (pureplayers, online banks, web media etc.) are more in search of optimization of their assets; while the more recently disembarked companies (physical retailers or start-ups) on digital transformation subjects are doing well. They have the opportunity to benefit from the skills and professional perspective of candidates from pureplayers to better structure themselves and upset the established order. Main consequence: the increase in salaries is focused on the most digital and experienced profiles, due to the shortage of digital talents with dual skills.

Some numbers ?

  • 40% of digital jobs are located in Île-de-France.
  • 37% of communications and marketing jobs are permanent.

The gross annual fixed remuneration grid in K €

POSITION 0 to 2 year-olds 2 to 5 year-olds 5 to 15 year-olds Evolution
Communication Assistant 24 – 28 28 – 32 30 – 36 Stable
Communication Manager 26 – 34  32 – 40 38 – 50 Stable
Community manager 30 – 35 35 – 42 40 – 70 Stable
Press Relations Officer 28 – 32 30 – 40 40 – 45 Stable
Web Editor 25 – 30 28 – 35 34 – 42 Stable
Acquisition manager 35 – 42 40 – 45 45 – 65 Rise
Event Manager 24 – 30 30 – 35 35 – 45 drop
HR Communication Officer 28 – 32 30 – 40 35 – 45 Stable
Financial Communication Officer 35 – 45 40 – 65 60 – 90 Stable
Communication manager 45 – 60 50 – 70 60 – 85 Stable
Communication Director 70 – 100 90 – 120 120 – 150 Stable

NB: the salaries presented here correspond to the employment market in Île-de-France.

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