2022 salaries in the COM: how much are you worth?

To help you situate yourself and ask your boss for a raise, the We Are COM team reveals the salaries of communicators in 2022, thanks to the annual salary study carried out by the recruitment firm Page Group. Revelations (or not).

No inflation on the remuneration of communicators for the fourth consecutive year, after a series of decreases. We take note that the professions with dual expertise (COM + Digital, COM + Finance, COM + HR, COM + Marketing) always earns a bonus.

Dual expertise makes it possible to respond more quickly to the challenge of personalized communication. Digital is accelerating this movement by becoming omnipresent in organizations and their communication strategies. It does not make communicators disappear, it accelerates the transformation of their jobs and creates new ones! Thus, social media, the main lever of influence, is increasingly becoming an acquisition tool: we are talking here about “social media acquisition”. Brands must talk to their consumers, personalize the conversation and always acquire new ones through platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Twitch or even Tiktok, whose audience of these 2 new social networks have exploded after containment in 2020.

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