TOP 10 of the most literary slogans in the French language

Paronomasia, chiasm, oxymoron… Our French lessons are a long way off. 📚 Nevertheless, these could prove useful for your next brainstorming session for developing a claim. A good slogan should be punchy and catchy. And for that, what could be more effective than a literary and playful structure that remains in our memory? “Style is the clothing of thought” affirmed Seneca. Indeed, the style exalts the expression of reflection. ✨ And the good news is that it's not just for men and women of letters since some advertising slogans compete with the most famous sayings of our favorite authors. So communicators, the We Are COM team makes you revise the figures of speech in this TOP literary slogans of yesterday and today. 🤓 #1 "Don't live to clean, but clean to live", Mr. Clean 🧞 The chiasmus, why? The chiasmus opposes two ideas of…

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