Yes to creativity at the service of useful communication!

Didn't Victor Hugo say "a lion that imitates a lion becomes a monkey"? 🤓 Yes, only creativity makes it possible to stand out. Communication is no exception to this truth, and all the more so in the age of digitization. On social networks, the content is always more numerous, the formats always more varied and the Internet users always more solicited… So how to put originality back at the center of any strategy to capture the attention of our audiences? How to convey a message capable of arousing the curiosity of our targets in the face of growing infobesity? 🚀 The We Are COM team went to take advice from experts from the Creative Factory of the Communication department of Pôle emploi. Romuald Chemineau-Gricourt and Pascal Huguet, real PROs in terms of content innovation and members of the We Are COM Club, share their secrets of creativity without...

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