Hépar: the recipe for uninhibited brand communication

Because communication conveys a good mood, because some campaigns have the particularity of making us smile. 😋 And because when it comes to daring and quirky communication, the Hépar brand is a reference! The We Are COM team went to seek advice from Éric Belin, Brand Director at Nestlé Waters. “The joy of having a good transit” is a slogan that persists in the ever more creative metaphorical communication campaigns of the Hépar brand. 🚀 Do you remember fireworks or rockets taking off, under the emotional gaze of the crowd? Recently, Hépar has developed a brand new brand platform whose objective is, once again, to play down transit disorders through a humorous tone. So what is the recipe for uninhibited communication? 🤓 👋 Hello Eric, as Brand Director at Nestlé Waters, we…

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