PR: journalists and communicators, a lasting relationship?

The press and communication are two inseparable sectors, yet the relationships between their actors are not always obvious. Between a lack of understanding and a lack of information, the mutual trust between these professionals is often put to the test. 🙌 That's why the We Are COM team took a mediatraining lesson with Véronique Faujour. General Secretary of Crédit Agricole SA This company director, with a background combining the world of the press and that of communication, recently faced the Cash Investigation teams and Elise Lucet's questions. During a Club We Are COM workshop, Véronique shared her feedback with us as well as the recipe for establishing a lasting relationship between information professionals. Journalism, communication, trust: diving into the heart of good practices in press relations and investigation into the underside of the program Cash Investigation. 🎬 Let's go, action! the point on…

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