Leadership pens: how to write instead of…?

🖋 "Communication requires 25% of a leader's time," said the great theoretician of management and organizations, Chester Barnard. And again, the We Are COM team believes that this statement is well below contemporary reality. This is why it is essential for leaders to surround themselves with communicators, with feathers to support them in their speaking out. 🎙 However, it is not always easy to write in place of another because it requires real substitution work. Because being a leader's pen cannot be improvised, the We Are COM Club dedicated a workshop to this particular communication exercise, where two experts shared their best practices. Frédéric Vallois, former pen to the Executive Board and Director of Internal Communication of the Vivendi group and Elie-Benjamin Loyer, speech and writing adviser in the cabinet of the Director-General of UNESCO, Audrey Azoulay.…

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