Societal activism: choice or duty of companies?  

Pronounced for the first time in the National Assembly in February 2021, the term “woke” from which the whole of “Woke culture” is derived has become embedded in the debates on French education, undoubtedly amplified by the taking of virulent position of the Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, Jean-Michel Blanquer, until he won his place among the words that marked the year 2021. However, wokism is not new: its origin would take place in the immediate post-Civil War in the United States in the 19th century, and describes a state of “awakening” (from the verb wake, to wake up, in English) against the racial injustice which was tearing the country apart. 👊 And since the birth of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) political movement across the Atlantic in 2013, the term "woke" has experienced a renewed global interest through social networks. Since 2013, the term "woke" has been used more widely in French political debate by some to denounce inequalities of gender, origin...

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