Brand heritage seen by LCL, Airbus and LVMH 

"We are not born brand, we become it gradually, we can also cease to be", declaimed the French specialist in communication and marketing, the famous Jean-Noël Kapferer. ☝️ And precisely, as a brand, what is the solution not to cease to exist? How to keep a company's DNA alive over time? How to stage its roots and its history in the service of heritage identity? 💡 In order to clarify all these questions, and because it is by enhancing the past that the future can be seen, the Club We Are COM has invited experts in brand heritage. Sandrine Tirante, Brand, Communications and Advertising Manager at LCL, Kristine Drullion, Head of international corporate communications at LVMH group and Michael Murphy, Head of corporate heritage and international communications at Airbus, give you the recipe for a brand heritage that lasts . In the program :…

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