Web3, what initiatives for brands?

“Technology does not create social ties, but technology can provide conditions which mean that by reappropriating it, we create social ties”, declared Joël de Rosnay, French scientist and writer. And for good reason, the evolutions of the web offer seasoned communicators a whole range of interactive tools. 🤖 However, are you really up to date on Web3 and its uses? Do you master the workings of the metaverse, crypto-currencies and NFTs? Even if these notions are known to everyone, they remain for many relatively abstract and futuristic concepts. However, the advent of Web3 is very real! 🚀 Communicators, in order to immerse themselves more in this innovative world, the Club We Are COM organized a special workshop on the best brand initiatives. Between theoretical studies and practical cases, here is everything you need to remember to become the communicator of the future. 🙌 On the program: The notions...

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