Digital communication: choosing the best security for your website

When we think of digital communication, we think of social networks, newsletters, influence marketing. And we sometimes forget its first digital showcase: its website of course. 🤭 He is the anchor of all the digital strategies put in place by a company, since it is to him that the various channels used will refer, whether it is the newsletter sent by e-mail to Internet users or the video broadcast on social media. 🚀 So it would be a shame if once redirected to your company's website, users are warned by the mention "Not secure" in the address bar of their browser... How to tell the difference between HTTP and HTTPS? This mention "Not secure" appearing in front of the URL in the address bar and which is generally accompanied by a padlock crossed out in red, indicates that the connection between the browser and the website is not secure. that is to say that the data exchanged...

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